The Club launched 2022 with a barbeque held at the Khandallah Bowling Club. Thanks to the culinary efforts of Maurice Manttan and his large band of helpers for the cuisine enjoyed by all.
The prime focus of the evening was the acknowledgment of the eighteen recipients of the club’s tertiary scholarships, worth a total of $60,000 for the coming year. Eight of the recipients were present and spoke during the evening while the remaining ten, who for various reasons, were unable to appear in person, sent in video clips.
The group was joined by Noah Walker, a Tawa College musician who was a recipient of a grant from the Crabtree Trust. Noah entertained the audience with a rousing performance of an Elvis compilation. 
Each scholar had a story to tell, not looking back to their often traumatic origins and difficult family circumstances, but to their recent achievements and future aspirations. 
The stories of three of the scholars, Kaveesha, Saran and Naomi have been included in an article to be published in the Independent Herald. Further stories may appear in future editions of The Bulletin.

Prior to the barbeque, there was a roll-up on the bowling green. Participants included the Carrere family, Melissa [daughter of Graeme and Audrey Waters] husband Matte, and children Lisette and Bastien. Here, Melissa congratulates Bastien on striking the jack with a well-driven bowl