Rotary Club of Wellington was chartered on 7 June 1921, the first Rotary club in New Zealand! The foundation of our work is to provide service to build stronger, better functioning communities, in Wellington, New Zealand, and in neighbouring countries. With around 145 members, our membership comprises a wide range of people and professions with an equally diverse range of backgrounds and personal interests. They work in the top levels of small business and large enterprises, for the private and public sectors. Many are also members of professional and community boards and committees.
Rotary Forum, May 2016, with Victoria University of Wellington

Rotary Club of Wellington is an organisation that is all about people working together to help others - while enjoying the company of members in the process. For over 95 years we have been active in the foundation of Wellington’s community with highly successful fundraising and community development initiatives. Each club member has the opportunity to contribute their specific talent and expertise to further the causes we select. Rotary is a challenging, stimulating and rewarding experience.


Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards 2016: Premier Award winner Andrew Tang from Scots College