Our live auction tonight features a chance to visit the real Russia, led by Skyline Rotarian Bob Sherman.  Bob has traveled several times to Russia and will lead this trip as soon as possible, preferably in 2022*.  

You can win travel credit of $2,000 toward this adventure by being the high bidder tonight.  The proceeds of your bid will go in full to support the work of the Water Rescue operations of Duluth Fire Department.  [add a sentence here about their work].

Bob Sherman, along with many other Rotarians, has helped build a school in Kambarka, Russia, a town in the Udmurt Republic near the Ural Mountains east of Moscow.  He will be visiting the area on this trip and invites the winning bidder to join him.  You will fly with Bob from Duluth to Moscow and travel by train to Kambarka, where you will be met by local officials of the school.  Accommodations and meals will be in homes of Russians who support the school.  You’ll spend a week in Kambarka, learning about history, food and drink, music, dance and Russian traditions.   The high bidder is invited to the school to learn about the students it serves.  Students learn English and about western culture.  Graduation from this school significantly improves their chances of being admitted to a university.

Travel by train in Russia is a unique experience.  You’ll meet Russians onboard and enjoy local foods. Feel transported to another time when trains were the main method of travel across a country that has 11 time zones.  Accommodations in Kambarka will be comfortable and likely include Internet connections.  The winning bidder will be responsible for all costs above the $2,000 travel allowance, including applicable travel visas, food in transit, and all other incidental expenses. The successful bidder is responsible for obtaining a visa to visit Russia, assisted by Bob.

This is truly the chance of a lifetime to visit a country that has a rich history spanning many centuries in music, science, dance, literature and more.  Your winning bid will help the Duluth Fire Department be better prepared for water rescues in Lake Superior and other locations.    

  • Timing of the trip depends on several factors, including but not limited to availability of home accommodations in Kambarka, decreased incidence of coronavirus, and guidance from the US Department of State on safe travel conditions.  The winning bidder must be able to travel internationally, carry luggage, walk up and down stairs and bring all needed medications that they require.  A waiver of liability will be required to be signed before departure.