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Youth Parliament Applauded in Legislature

 A great tribute to all the work that goes into our Riotary Youth Parliament especially our own Albert Zakem for his dedication.... thank-you
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Speaker: The hon. Member from Charlottetown-Lewis Point.
Rotary Youth Parliament
Ms. Casey: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
Over the weekend the Legislative Assembly was filled with students who participated in the Rotary Youth Parliament. The Rotary Clubs of Prince Edward Island led by the Rotary Club of Hillsborough have organized this event for over 30 years.
There were 32 students, including a group of Rotary exchange students. The first thing I do is observe the number of female students who are participating and I’m pleased to say 18 young women occupied these desks.
I was impressed by the students’ knowledge of parliamentary procedure and respect for rules of the House. Some bills that were debated included; defibrillators in schools act, wheelchair accessibility act, school board elections act and the carbon tax act, to name a few.
An interesting motion, which was led by international exchange students was called, the price you see, price you pay. The member representing Charlottetown-Lewis Point, Cassidy Byrne from Colonel Gray did
a formidable job on increasing women’s clinics.
Mr. Speaker, thank you to your team and the team from the Clerk’s office who ensured the success of the youth parliament. Their contribution gave the students an authentic experience of being a member of the Legislative Assembly.
Also, a thank you to the teachers who continue to dedicate their time to instill in their students a respect for democracy and are often the first point of contact to introducing young adults to the world of politics.
Frank Zakem had a dream of a youth parliament over 30 years ago. I’m pleased his son, Albert, and the Rotary Clubs are continuing that dream.
Each year the Frank Zakem Young Parliamentarian Award is given to the student who makes an outstanding contribution to the youth parliament and this year it was presented to Josie Green from KISH, who was the leader of the opposition.
Correction to above...
Our member Brien Willoughby was the person responsible for the start of our Youth Parliament....