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Cst Tim Kaizer receives Vocational Service Award

Honesty is Const. Tim Keizer’s best weapon when the police officer makes his rounds at Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown.

“If I say I am going to do something, I better do it,’’ says Keizer, who became the first school resource officer in P.E.I. a few years ago.

“Credibility is everything with these young people. They can spot you if you don’t have a vested interest in them very quickly.’’

Cst Tim Kaizer receives Vocational Service Award 2017-02-09 04:00:00Z
Former Exchange Student David Malagoli Found !!
The power of Linkin and Facebook !!!  On a simple search today, Ursula and I got a positive hit on David - who we hosted in 1991-2 along with David Matheson's family and ?   we have been wondering for years how and where he was.... Brussels....he is a commercial engineer with the Belfuis Bank and has an MBA...
here is our first e mail
Hi Jim, hi Ursula,
It's so nice to hear from you, it has been such a long time. I also often ask myself how you are doing ? I hope you are all well ! For me everything is ok, I'm a happy father of a eleven years old boy (Mirko) and a nine years old girl (Sasha). Professionally, I have been working as Project manager the past 5 years but I just got an offer for a new job and I'm about to take a new professional challenge in january. In fact, I'll become the relationship officer of my bank for all municipalities, police and fireman brigades of my province :-)
we have finally been able to reconnect with all 6 of our former exchange students who all have great lives. earlier this year we found Sebastion Fernandexz the same way...
Former Exchange Student David Malagoli Found !! 2016-12-03 00:00:00Z
Our Exchange Student Meets Premier
Our Exchange student from Belgium- Jeanne, is all smiles as she meets Premier Wade McLaughlin at Youth Parliament. She represented  The Stratford-Vernon River Riding during the session.... great....
Our Exchange Student Meets Premier 2016-11-30 00:00:00Z
The Latest efforts to Eradicate POLIO

“We have the fewest number of cases in the fewest number of places in the world right now,. “We continue to make ground against polio, but we’re still recording cases in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.”

The total number of cases worldwide so far this year is 27, compared with 51 for the same period last year.

Unfortunately, Nigeria slipped back onto the list of countries where polio is endemic this year, after cases appeared in the northern state of Borno, which was under the control of Boko Haram militants until recently. The World Health Organization estimates that the virus has been circulating in the region for five years. The country was on the verge of celebrating two years without any polio infections.

But this hasn’t stopped Rotary and its partners, who are working with the Nigerian government, Chad, Cameroun, and parts of the Central African Republic, from executing a sweeping emergency response. Shortly after the outbreak, a robust immunization campaign targeted about 1 million children with both oral and inactivated polio vaccines.

Because the new cases were only detected due to ongoing surveillance efforts, We shouldn’t be surprised to see more cases, because better surveillance means better detection of all polio cases.

Polio eradication efforts continue to make progress in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Afghanistan, cases dropped from 13 in 2015 to eight so far this year. In Pakistan, they decreased from 38 to 15.

Innovative tactics for reaching children in Pakistan who were often missed in the past. These include placing permanent vaccination sites at entry points to the country, provinces, and large cities. Rotary has funded the purchase of cell phones for vaccination teams, so they can send data to health centers immediately.

“The virus is cornered, we just have to make sure never to let it out again,”

The Latest efforts to Eradicate POLIO 2016-11-27 00:00:00Z
Rotary Foundation named World's Outstanding Foundation for 2016

The has recognized The Rotary Foundation with its annual Award for Outstanding Foundation.

The award honors organizations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs. Some of the boldest names in American giving — Kellogg, Komen, and MacArthur, among others —are past honorees.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the AFP, which gives us even more reason to celebrate during our Foundation’s centennial year,” says Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Kalyan Banerjee. “The continued strong support of Rotary members will help us keep our promise of a polio-free world for all children and enable the Foundation to carry out its mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace. We look forward to another 100 years of Rotary members taking action to make communities better around the world.”

The announcement came on 15 November, known to industry professionals since the 1980s as National Philanthropy Day. The award will be presented in early 2017 at the AFP’s annual conference in San Francisco.

Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair-elect Paul Netzel is set to accept the award on Rotary’s behalf, and Eric Schmelling, director of fund development at Rotary, will speak at the conference. The event is expected to draw more than 3,400 senior-level fundraising professionals from 33 countries.

“While almost everyone is familiar with Rotary, not everyone may realize just how much of an impact Rotary and The Rotary Foundation have had on countless people and communities across the globe,” says Jason Lee, AFP president and CEO. “On behalf of the entire charitable sector and people around the world, all of us at AFP are honored to be able to recognize The Rotary Foundation as our 2016 Outstanding Foundation.”

AFP’s committee of judges cited Rotary’s comprehensive campaign to eradicate polio as a major driver of the selection. They also mentioned that Rotary applies a methodical, purposeful approach to support a wide variety of causes, from providing clean water to educating the next generation of peace professionals.

Rotary Foundation named World's Outstanding Foundation for 2016 2016-11-27 00:00:00Z
High school students take Legislative Assembly by storm during Rotary Youth Parliament
CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - The potential leaders of tomorrow are playing politics. Students from 12 P.E.I. high schools donned their best attire for role-playing in the Legislative Assembly today and Saturday.
High school students take Legislative Assembly by storm during Rotary Youth Parliament 2016-11-26 00:00:00Z
Past Vocational Service Award Winners
Our club is currently seeking for our 2016 Vocational Service Award- committee headed by Tom Clark. To help in your consideration here is the list of past winners.....
This is an excellent opportunity to recognize someone from our community
  Year                         Recipients
1991                Dr. Malcolm Beck
1992                Mark Ladner
1993                Francis Bolger
1994                Vera Dewar and Frank Lewis
1995                J.T. (Tom) Davies
1996                Dr. Kent Ellis
1997                Ronald Irving
1998                Al James
1999                Not awarded
2000                Donald Livingstone
2001                Sister Florence Burke, CSM
2002                Not awarded
2003                Not awarded
2004                Not awarded
2005                John and Jenet Clement
2006                Not awarded
2007                Not awarded
2008                Not awarded
2009                Stan MacPherson
2010                Rona M. Brown
2011                Wayne Beaton
2012                Rowan Fitzgerald
2013                Peter Howatt
2014                Bruce and Shirley MacNaughton
2015                David Hooley

Past Vocational Service Award Winners Jerry Ivany 2016-11-18 00:00:00Z
PEI Rotary Youth Parliament Nov 25 & 25
weekends activities.  Also find attached a volunteer sign-up sheet.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping out.
If you have any question or would please let me know.
PEI Rotary Youth Parliament Nov 25 & 25 Albert Zakem 2016-11-17 00:00:00Z
Rotary and Shelter Box in Haiti

Even as parts of Haiti were still recovering from a catastrophic 2010 earthquake, Hurricane Matthew tore through the impoverished island country 4 October, leaving hundreds dead and many more homeless.

The Category 4 storm affected an estimated 330,000 people in Haiti, including 6,400 who were moved to temporary shelters. Extensive damage to main bridges and other transportation networks have left some areas cut off and vulnerable. Torrential rains have resulted in flooding and landslides. And contaminated water supplies threaten to lead to a surge in cholera cases and other waterborne illnesses.

A ShelterBox response team of volunteers from Canada, England, New Zealand, and the United States traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, last week to assess the damage and decide how best to help people. ShelterBox, an independent charity, is Rotary's project partner for disaster relief.

Working with Rotary members, government authorities, and other relief agencies, ShelterBox is focusing on the cholera outbreak in the southern region of the island and emergency shelter. A shipment of ShelterBox supplies arrived in Les Cayes, in the south of Haiti, on Wednesday, which likely will be used to help health professionals screen and treat cholera victims.

"We hope to provide ShelterKits along with other crucial supplies like solar lights, mosquito nets, water purification units, and water carriers. All of which will help in the fight against cholera," says Chris Warham, chief executive of ShelterBox.

With wind speeds reaching 155 miles per hour, Hurricane Matthew is considered the worst storm to make landfall in Haiti in more than 50 years.

Rotary and Shelter Box in Haiti 2016-10-25 00:00:00Z
Shelter Box Prepares for Mosul Refugees

Today marked the start of the battle to take control of Mosul back from the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS. The city is the group's last major stronghold in Iraq. But humanitarian aid agencies have known about the military offensive, giving them an unusual opportunity to prepare for the crisis.

"It is rare for the world to get early warning of a vast human catastrophe," says Chris Warham, chief executive of ShelterBox. "The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees issued a paper in July saying this would likely be the biggest humanitarian crisis of the year — and we better get prepared."

ShelterBox, Rotary's project partner for disaster relief, and ACTED, a French nongovernmental aid agency, have teams in the city of Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, 53 miles (85 km) east of Mosul. They have been working since July to get aid supplies ready so they can respond quickly as the battle unfolds.

"By tomorrow, 650 of the 3,000 tents that have been deployed to Irbil will arrive," says Warham. He estimates that, without the early notice, it would have taken ShelterBox at least two and a half weeks to gather these supplies.

Tens of thousands of people have already been displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas since March. The current round of fighting could last weeks or even months and is certain to raise that number, although it's unknown just how many people remain in Mosul and in which direction they might flee.

"Our aim is to get aid to displaced families as quickly as possible," says Rachel Harvey, operations coordinator at ShelterBox, who is in Irbil. "Giving people shelter and essential items such as a solar lamp, blankets, and a water carrier will allow them a degree of dignity and security to rest and recover."

Existing camps are already near or over capacity, so other possible sites are being readied. But Warham predicts that demand will almost certainly outpace supply, which could force many families to seek shelter outside managed camps in an inhospitable landscape during a season given to storms and below-freezing overnight temperatures.

ACTED and ShelterBox have partnered many times around the world. Most recently they worked together to help people in Haiti, where the deadly force of Hurricane Matthew caused a surge in cholera cases and left thousands homeless.

The Islamic State has controlled Mosul, the oil-rich capital of Nineveh province, since June 2014. Before the invasion, the city was Iraq's second-largest and one of its most diverse.

Shelter Box Prepares for Mosul Refugees 2016-10-25 00:00:00Z
Club Presidents and Secretaries since founding 1979
            PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY
1979-80    Frank Zakem            Leith Thompson
1980-81    Frank Zakem            Leith Thompson
1981-82    Sinclair Cutcliffe        Jerry Ivany
1982-83    Leith Thompson        Peter McEachern
1983-84    Jerry Ivany              Mike McCarville
1984-85    Peter McEachern       Henry Cotter
1985-86    Mike McCarville         Tom Harland
1986-87    Harry Lowther           Bob MacNutt
1987-88    Tom Harland             Brien Willoughby
1988-89    Bob MacNutt            Tom Davies
1989-90    Brien Willoughby        Ron Russell
1990-91    Tom Davies               Earl MacPherson
1991-92    Ron Russell(moved Dec.)    David White
              Graham Stewart
1992-93    Earl MacPherson        Mike Campbell
1993-94    David White              Jay Macdonald
1994-95    Mike Campbell           Merrill Wiggington
1995-96    Jay Macdonald          David Jenkins
1996-97    Merrill Wiggington        Don Cudmore
1997-98    David Jenkins             Paula Kenny
1998-99    Don Cudmore             Heather Tedford
1999-2000    Paula Kenny            John Carr
2000-01    Heather Tedford         Gary Craswell
2001-02    John Carr                 Gordon Campbell
2002-03    Gary Craswell            Roy Riddlington
2003-04    Gordon Campbell        Dawn Allen
2004-05    Roy Riddlington          David Aitken
2005-06    Dawn Allen                Gary Bowness
2006-07    David Aitken              Sue Hendricken
2007-08    Gary Bowness           Sue Hendricken
2008-09    Eric Ellsworth            Rona Brown
2009-10    Sue Hendricken         Jennifer Dunn
2010-11    Rona Brown              Eric Ellsworth
2011-12    Doug Bridges            Tom Clark
2012-13    Jonathan Ross            Sue Fraser
2013-14    Tom Clark                 Doug Bridges
2014-15    Jennifer Dunn            Steve Dowling
2016-17    Dawn Allen               Bernie Wood
Club Presidents and Secretaries since founding 1979 2016-10-25 00:00:00Z
Club s Founding 1979
Here are the original 27 founding members.... 




ALLEN , Bill Dr.

BIRT, Roger


COOKE, Charlie


DALEY, Hartwell





LEE, Jim

LEWIS, Frank







MILLER, Gordon


NEWMAN, Delmar





WOOD, Wally

ZAKEM, Frank


Club s Founding 1979 2016-09-22 00:00:00Z
David White Receives True Rotarian Award
Our member- David White, was honoured today by our Club and The District with the presentation of
"A True Rotarian" Award by District Governor Elva Heyge. David has always been willing, and capable of the many duties he has handled through the 32 years he has been a club member.  
We are all proud of the recognition he truly deserves...... GREAT>>>>>>>
David White Receives True Rotarian Award 2016-08-25 00:00:00Z
159 Years of Perfect Attendance !!!!
These 5 "Older" members of our club have a combined total of 159 years perfect attendance. Many of their meetings were make-ups at both other local clubs, International clubs and newer online Rotary Clubs. Following are the honoured members who were presented with their recognition pins by DG Elva Heyge during her visit to our club today....
25 years            Tom Davies  ( founding member)
32 years            David White
32 years            Harry Lowther (founding member)
34 years            Brien Willoughby
36 years            Jim Fraser
Their message to all Rotarians is how simple it is to do a make-up - particularly online at one of many clubs, and by doing so learn about activities of Rotary Clubs around the world.....
159 Years of Perfect Attendance !!!! 2016-08-25 00:00:00Z
Rotary Action Group For PEACE


What is the Rotarian Action Group for Peace?

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is an action-driven group of Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses and Rotaractors working together for the purpose of advancing peace and preventing wars throughout the world. The Rotarian Action Group for Peace was formed in 2012 as a group of Rotarians, recognized by Rotary International, focused on providing a network and resources to further the peace and conflict resolution work of Rotarians around the globe.

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is an official entity that empowers and supports the peace work of Rotarians by offering structure, guidance and resources to further their peace efforts. Rotary International has a very strong commitment to peace efforts around the world. One of the objectives of The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is to forge a path for existing Rotary peace programs, such as the Rotary Peace Fellows, to become involved directly with Rotarians and their activities.

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace provides a global network for its members to partner with:

  • Rotary Peace Fellows
  • Ambassadorial Scholars
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Participants
  • Group Study Exchange
  • New Generations
  • Rotary sponsored program participants
  • Civil society organizations around the world
  • Other peace-minded citizens

What is a Rotarian Action Group?

A Rotarian Action Group (RAG) is an autonomous, international group, recognized by Rotary International, with a passion for a particular type of service. Rotarian Action Groups provide assistance and support to Rotary clubs and districts in planning and implementing service projects in their respective areas of expertise.

Learn more about Rotarian Action Groups here.

Rotary Action Group For PEACE 2016-07-28 00:00:00Z
The Charlottetown Hotel 1933
The Charlottetown Hotel 1933 2016-07-22 00:00:00Z
2016 Frank Zakem Award Winner at Holland College
2016 Frank Zakem Award Winner at Holland College 2016-07-08 00:00:00Z
David White Receives 2016 Sinclair Cutcliffe Award
Sinclair Cutliffe was a charter member of the Hillsborough Rotary Club and was its second President. This award, consisting of $1000 to be donated by the Hillsborough Rotary Club on behalf of the winner to a charity of his or her choice, It is given to a club member each yea to honour a member who exemplifies the ideals of service which Sinclair Cutcliffe demonstrated during his 28-year membership in the club.
The successful candidate is chosen by a committee consisting of a past recipient, the club President, and one additional member who is an active, younger and experienced Rotarian chosen by the President and the chair .
For those of you who didn’t know Sinc. as we affectionately called him he was a died in the wool Hillsborough Rotarian, always present and working at club functions . He was the consummate promoter of our flag ship fund raiser the Car Dinner and always sold more than his share of tickets. Word has it that Sinc would call his ticket holders and tell them I am coming to pick up your cheque for your car dinner ticket have it ready.
Sinc was a true friend of this years award winner and I know more than once this years award winner looked in on Sinc when he had health challenges.
Rotarians it gives me great pleasure to announce this years winner of the Hillsborough Rotary clubs Sinclair Cutcliffe award is Mr. David White.
Affectionatley called Mr. Dressup by one of our more rambicous club members Dave like Sinc is always there when the club needs him. He has been steadily and discreetly chairing the clubs Rotary Foundation donation committee for as long as I have been member of the club.
He took on the role of 50/50 ticket seller for the club years ago and has dutifully perfomed the role weekly and also at times has had to pull double and sometimes triple duty at our front desk until the person assigned that day is able to get here.
I happen to know a detailed analysis of the club financial records by our club treasurer has determined that Dave has been responsible for the collection of over $ 20,000 for our club let alone the service that he provides by making sure that things are ready for the start of our meeting.
Dave has a strong “corporate memory” of the history of our club that enables him to give very thoughtful and discreet wise advice.
Dave I believe has server in almost every capacity for the club including Club President in 1993. He is a contributing Rotarian that sits on the membership committee and is always on the look out for the top quality perspective member‘s that makeup this club.
David White Receives 2016 Sinclair Cutcliffe Award 2016-07-08 00:00:00Z
Elva Heyge New District 7820 Governor 2016-17
Happy Canada Day and Happy New Rotary Year!  I am very much looking forward to being your District Governor in 2016-17, the year in which we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation. The key objectives of the District and myself are to support you, the club members in whatever way we can, strengthen our youth programs and celebrate the special year for our Rotary Foundation.  We plan to provide a number of training opportunities and will post this calendar on the District website very shortly.  I will be starting my tour around the district on July 15th, the details of which will can find on the district website under “District Event Calendar”.
In the interim I wish you the best as you begin the new Rotary year, and reflect on how you will serve humanity through Rotary.
Until I see you in your home club
Yours in Rotary
Elva Heyge New District 7820 Governor 2016-17 2016-07-01 00:00:00Z
Bernie Wood Receives Master of Photographic Arts Award

Island photographer, and Club member - Bernie Wood, is now master of photographic arts. The designation was bestowed on Wood by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) as part of its continuing program of honours and awards.

The designation bestowed on Wood by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) as part of its continuing program of honours and awards.

It was presented to Berni Wood by PPOC chair Tina Weltz MPA at the association’s annual awards baquet held on April 18 in Calgary, Alta.

The classification is bestowed by the PPOC upon its members whose images accepted into the annual PPOC Image Salon over a number of years are consistently of a high quality and in recognition of the contributions made by them to the association and to photography in Canada.

These photographers have proven their photographic abilities by participating in the Association’s National Image Competition and have confirmed their dedication to the profession by serving the Association.

The Professional Photographers of Canada is a not-for-profit organization representing portrait, wedding, commercial, and military photographers from across the country.

The association promotes photographic excellence through education and exploration of image artistry and establishes standards of professional performance.

Bernie Wood Receives Master of Photographic Arts Award 2016-07-01 00:00:00Z
John Germ new Rotary President

John F. Germ President 2016-17 Rotary Club of Chattanooga Tennessee, USA

John F. Germ is board chair and chief executive officer of Campbell and Associates Inc., consulting engineers. He joined the firm as an engineer in 1965 after four years in the U.S. Air Force. He serves on the boards of several organizations, including the board and executive committee of the Public Education Foundation, Orange Grove Center Inc., and as board chair of Blood Assurance Inc. He also is founder and treasurer of the Chattanooga State Technical Community College Foundation and president of the Tennessee Jaycee Foundation.

He was Tennessee Young Man of the Year in 1970; Engineer of the Year, 1986; Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year, 1992; and Tennessee Community Organizations Volunteer of the Year, 2009. He is a recipient of the Boy Scouts Silver Beaver Award and the Arthritis Foundation Circle of Hope Award. In 2013, the White House recognized him as a Champion of Change.

Germ joined Rotary in 1976 and has served Rotary as vice president, director, Foundation trustee and vice chair, aide to the Foundation trustee chair, chair of Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge, RI Board Executive Committee member, RI president’s aide, Council on Legislation representative and chair, membership zone coordinator, chair of numerous committees, area coordinator, RI training leader, and district governor.

Germ has received RI’s Service Above Self Award and The Rotary Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award. He and his wife, Judy, are Benefactors and members of the Arch Klumph Society of The Rotary Foundation. They have four children and six grandchildren.

John Germ new Rotary President 2016-06-30 00:00:00Z
2016 Rotary Council on Legislation

The 2016 Council on Legislation may well be remembered as one of the most progressive in Rotary history.

Not only did this Council grant clubs more freedom in determining their meeting schedule and membership, it also approved an increase in per capita dues of $4 a year for three years. The increase will be used to enhance Rotary’s website, improve online tools, and add programs and services to help clubs increase membership. The first measure allows clubs to decide to vary their meeting times, whether to meet online or in person, and when to cancel a meeting, as long as they meet at least twice a month. The second allows clubs flexibility in choosing their membership rules and requirements. Both passed.

Representatives also approved removing six membership criteria from the RI Constitution and replacing them with a simple requirement that a member be a person of good character who has a good reputation in their business or community and is willing to serve the community.

  • Rotaractors will be allowed to become members of Rotary clubs while they are still in Rotaract. Proponents argued that too few Rotaractors join Rotary. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to leave their Rotaract clubs before they have to, upon reaching age 30. It’s hoped that giving them more options will boost the numbers of qualified young leaders in Rotary.
  • The distinction between e-clubs and traditional clubs will be eliminated. The Council recognized that clubs have been meeting in a number of ways, and given this flexibility, the distinction was no longer meaningful. Clubs that have “e-club” in their names can keep it, however.
  • The reference to admission fees will be removed from the bylaws. Proponents argued that the mention of admission fees does not advance a modern image of Rotary.
2016 Rotary Council on Legislation 2016-06-30 00:00:00Z
Summerside Club Honours Vance Bridges
The Rotary Club of Summerside honored our longest serving member(38 years), Vance Bridges, today with an Honorary Membership. Accompanying Vance at this morning's meeting was his wife, Sheila who was presented a bouquet by our outgoing president, Georgia Ellis.
Vance is the father of our member and Past president Doug Bridges.   Vance was the Generakl manager for many years of Linkletter Travel and more recently owner/operator of Variety Tours- operating quality escorted motorcoach tours of Canada and USA.....
Summerside Club Honours Vance Bridges 2016-06-30 00:00:00Z
Rotary- Guardian Booksale A Success
A big thank-you to The Guardian and our chair Don Scott for organizing and operating our almost annual Book Sale. Over $7800.00 was raised for Literacy Projects on the Island. For the first time the unsold books have been donated to a children's charity group in Ghana Africa and they are arranging for shipment , etc. 
A thank you to all our Rotarian volunteers as well as those from the Guardian newspaper.
This year's location made it less convenient to access , so book donations were down as well as sales being much less...
Rotary- Guardian Booksale A Success 2016-06-02 00:00:00Z
Terry Davis Gala Royale Winner !!!!
Gary Conohan accepted the grand Prize on behalf of Terry... Could there have been a better winner ????
Friday the 13th is definitely a luck day for Terry. The 2016 event was held once again at The Delta Prince Edward with an excellent prime rib beef dinner carved by your table by the chefs...
( Where's the beef  ????).
loads of fun trying the RC Racing cars sponsored and operated by Princess Auto gang.  
No guests drove away with a new Honda by rolling the dice to spell  R O T A R Y.....
And great fun trying your hand at The Championship poker table with dealer Kendra Bernard.....
A big thank you to all our 325 guests for their support generating the $$$  to support our charities both local and International....
Terry Davis Gala Royale Winner !!!! 2016-05-14 00:00:00Z
Rotary/Guardian Book Sale May 25-27
The sale days are May 27-May 29 but the actual work begins on Thursday afternoon, May 19, after our regular meeting.
The club is playing a larger role in the book sale this year and is also sharing in the proceeds. As a result we will be required to do more of the work and have a greater level of participation than in earlier years.
Spouses, children,and friends are all welcome to pitch in and help.
Please contact Don to sign-up ......   west.wind@eastlink.ca
The sale will take place on the Lower Level at The Confederation Court Mall !!!!
Rotary/Guardian Book Sale May 25-27 Don Scott 2016-05-05 00:00:00Z
Rotary Relief Fund for Ft McMurray
Rotary District 5370 Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund Established

The Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation has established the “Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund” to assist in the rebuilding of that city following this tragic fire.  The Charitable Foundation is now ready to accept donations, for which tax receipts will be issued.  The Foundation will rely on an independent committee of Fort McMurray stakeholders (including the Rotary club and the municipality) for advice on disbursal of the funds.

This fund is being established after consultation with DGN Frank Reitz (resident of Fort McMurray) and Fort McMurray Rotary Club President Jeanette Bancarz.

Donations may be from individuals or corporations.  Rotary clubs may wish to facilitate this process by collecting donations and then forwarding either the individual cheques or a cheque drawn on the club’s account for the total amount, along with a list of the donors and their addresses and postal codes.

Please forward donations to:

Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation
c/o Rotary District 5370 Office
16030 – 104 Ave.. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5P 0S3

and annotate cheques “Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund”

Many thanks!

Julius Buski, President
Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation
Rotary Relief Fund for Ft McMurray 2016-05-05 00:00:00Z
Great Christmas Lunch with Choir
OUr Annual was held in the Provinces Room at The Charlottetown Hotel on Thu Dec 17th.
During our Luncheon, we were entertained by the West Kent School Choir, under the leadership
of Susan Duncan. They are a beautiful group of boys and girls and excellent performance.
A big thank-you to Rodd's and Gary Craswell - General Manager for the lunch provided to the choir members...  great
Great Christmas Lunch with Choir 2015-12-17 00:00:00Z
Making a Difference Through Youth Exchange
When Gabriela Vessani was 12 years old, her mother took her to stay with friends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, for the summer.“I loved it, so when I heard about Rotary Youth Exchange, I knew that was something I wanted to do,” says Vessani, who is an Interactor from São Paulo.

This year, Vessani participated in the program. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Waterdown, Ontario, Canada, she stayed with four families, one of which included adopted children from different parts of the world.   

“They had seven children, and it was crazy for me. But I loved it,” she says. “It was such a unique experience getting to know all of my host brothers and sisters, and learning about so many cultures.”

Changing lives

Vessani and 104 other Rotary Youth Exchange students visited Rotary World Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, in July as part of a 31-day Discover America cross-country bus trip that was a finale to the exchange experience.

“This is the best program Rotary can be involved with, because Rotary is all about changing lives,” says Vessani.

Rotary Youth Exchange has been providing intercultural exchange opportunities for secondary school students ages 15-19 since the 1920s. Students become cultural ambassadors for up to a full academic year, and the host families can help build peace and international understanding, serving one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.

Club benefits

Mike Lubelfeld, an elementary school superintendent and member of the Rotary Club of Deerfield, Illinois, spent weeks making arrangements for his club to host its first exchange student in more than two decades. In August, Leo, a 17-year-old from Indonesia, was greeted at the airport by an enthusiastic welcome committee from the club. 

“We have just started the process and, already, there is so much excitement,” says Lubelfeld. “Working with youth of the world is one of the best ways to ensure a better future. And for our club to be able to take part in this cultural exchange is a huge opportunity that will not only benefit Leo but our members as well.”

Building self-confidence

Varda Shah’s family was asked by a friend to host an exchange student two years ago in Mumbai. At first, family members were reluctant.

“We were like, he’s a boy, he’s German, I don’t know how this is going to work,” says Shah. “But we decided to take a chance, and I never would have thought I could grow so close to someone in three months. We still Skype and connect through social media constantly and are always in touch.”

Shah decided she wanted her own exchange experience. She stayed with three host families in New York, learning about camping, tailgating at sports events, and ice hockey. But the biggest change was to her self-confidence.  

“Before, I would never be able to make a conversation with a person I didn’t know,” she says. “Now, I can proudly say it isn’t like that anymore. I can go up to people. I have become more open, more mature.”

Accepting others

Juliana Kinnl of Vienna decided to follow in her older sister’s footsteps and take part in a Rotary Youth Exchange. She was hosted by two families from the Rotary Club of Newtown, Pennsylvania, and says she learned to be more accepting of other people and their differences.

“Meeting exchange students from all over the world, I have grown to accept people for who they are and not to judge them because they are different,” says Kinnl. “I’ve also grown more confident in my own abilities and who I am.”

Growing bolder

Minerva Lopez Martinez of Marcia, Spain, spent her exchange in Canada, hosted by the Rotary Club of Simcoe, Ontario. She said some of her friends at home chose not to pursue an exchange because they felt they would be losing a year of schoolwork. But she has a different perspective on that.

“You have your whole life to go to school and learn. You only have one opportunity for a youth exchange,” she says. “The reason I came on the exchange is that I can be shy, and I didn’t want to be like that anymore. Now, I am trying new things, talking to people I don’t know. It has changed me a lot.”

Making a Difference Through Youth Exchange 2015-12-11 00:00:00Z
Rotary and Shelter Box Help Syrian Refugees

Rotary and ShelterBox support Syrian refugees

A refugee family from Syria seeks shelter in cramped conditions on the Greek island of Lesbos.
Rachel Harvey/ShelterBox

In Syria, where a civil war has been raging since 2011, more than 6,000 people flee the country every day. As of September, more than 4.1 million people have become refugees, and 7.6 million more have been internally displaced.

“The plight of Syria’s refugees is a litmus test for the world's compassion,” says Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko. “Rotary members worldwide are profoundly disheartened by the refugee crisis now unfolding in Syria and other parts of the world,” which the United Nations has described as the worst in decades.

“Rotary is following the situation closely,” Hewko says. “We know our members have an inherent desire to act, to relieve the suffering and uncertainty that displaced individuals and families are facing. We call on you to respond as Rotarians have for more than 100 years: to use your professional skills and acumen, leverage your connections to other leaders, and mobilize your local communities to provide the necessary resources and funding to address the humanitarian crisis.”

Rotary members can donate to the disaster relief efforts of our project partner . The organization has supported the Syrian relief effort for nearly four years and is working with other agencies to continue distributing relief materials. ShelterBox is also working with communities in Greece to provide aid and supplies to displaced people passing through the region. 

Rachel Harvey, a member of a ShelterBox response team that recently returned from Greece, says Syrian refugees are making dangerous crossings to the shores of Greece.

As many as 2,000 people arrive daily on Lesbos’ northern beaches, says Harvey, referring to a Greek island in the Aegean Sea off the Turkish coast. The trip from Turkey to Greece usually takes about an hour and a half. “The flimsy rubber dinghies are invariably overcrowded, and the majority of passengers can’t swim,” she says.

Harvey adds: "The experience is terrifying. Another trauma added to the layers that many of the displaced have accumulated through war in Syria or South Sudan, insecurity in Afghanistan or Pakistan. One man told me: 'It was a nightmare. I don’t know how we got through that trip,' ” she says.

Says Hewko: “We appreciate our clubs and members for their support, helping the millions of displaced people find shelter and rebuild their lives and communities. Every refugee is in our hearts and minds.”

Rotary and Shelter Box Help Syrian Refugees 2015-12-11 00:00:00Z
Winning The Polio Battle
The long battle to eliminate polio from the world is paying off.  The World Polio update as of the week of November 25,  2015 is as follows:
  • In 2015, wild poliovirus transmission is at the lowest levels ever, with fewer cases reported from fewer areas of fewer countries than ever before.  
  • In 2015, 57 wild poliovirus cases have been reported from two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan), compared to 305 cases from nine countries during the same period in 2014. 
  • Pakistan: One new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case was reported in the past week, with onset of paralysis on 1 November. It is the most recent WPV1 case in the country, from Kamari town, Karachi, Sindh. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2015 is now 41
  • Afghanistan: No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week. The most recent case had onset of paralysis on 27 October, from Nangarhar. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2015 remains 16.
Winning The Polio Battle 2015-12-11 00:00:00Z
Get District Club News on Facebook
Are you getting all the news from Rotary clubs in Atlantic Canada?  Are you using Facebook?  There is an easy way to get a summary of the most interesting news from the clubs in our District and from Rotary International.  Like the District Facebook page.  
Every day, clubs post their stories, events, awards news, project and fundraising ideas to their club Facebook pages.  A selection of those are shared with the District Facebook page.  IF you have liked the District page you'll get a notice of those posts when you log into your personal Facebook account.  You don't have to search or "like" all 43 clubs (there are only 10% that don't  have Facebook sites) and you don't get overwhelmed with information.  The District team filters it for you.  You can always check further with a particular club if you want to.
There are almost a million Facebook accounts in our district so it's a great way to get your clubs message out as well. 
Please join the conversation by Liking the District Facebook Page. Rotary International - District 7820 
Get District Club News on Facebook 2015-12-11 00:00:00Z
Uganda Project for Children
The Rotary Club of Hillsborough-Charlottetown was proud to contribute to this Project, which will provide locally made assistive devices to children and young adults with disabilities. The funds help equip an orthopaedic workshop where skilled workers produce the devices and provide opportunities for disabled folks to earn a living like everybody else.
The project is located in Katalemwa, Kampala, Uganda and provides assistive devices to children at affordable cost and free of charge to those who cannot afford them.  It trains youth, mostly those with a disability, in making assistive devices and these youths  go back to their home areas and engage in the production of assistive devices.  The funds and training will assist more patients who need assistive devices (e.g. prosthetic limbs, crutches, standing frames, shoes, wheelchairs, etc.) at an affordable cost and it is expected that the workshop and skilled workers will produce more than the current 7000 appliances produced per year.
Photo: of our official Global Grant project launch in Uganda on November 30th 2015. Rotary Club of Halifax president Doug McMillan was able to travel there and join John Mpagi who is the host project lead for the Rotary Club of Muyenga in Kampala in making the announcement.
Rotarian's making a difference.
Uganda Project for Children Jerry Ivany 2015-12-06 00:00:00Z
Robyn Wile recipient of our UPEI Nursing Bursary
Dear Members of the Hillsborough Rotary Club,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with a bursary.
 I am a 4th year student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. After graduation I would like to pursue my nursing career  within the pediatric population. In the future I would like to further explore different cultures through travel while providing meaningful care that will help make a difference to individuals in their health journey.
My family is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and both of my parents are Registered Nurses. My mother works in Hemodialysis  and my father works in the Critical Care Unit. They both have a passion for helping people and have inspired me to do the same.
I chose to attend UPEI because of their great reputation as a nursing school. I have had the opportunity to experience different clinical rotations including: pediatrics, medical, surgery, community, and  mental health. While every unit was different, I truly enjoyed working in all areas. I have a strong desire to travel and a passion to help people. Through my career as a nurse I hope to accomplish both. Without your financial assistance I would not have this amazing experience of attending nursing school.
Thank you again for helping me with my education and pursuing my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. My family and I appreciate your generosity.
Robyn Wile   
Robyn Wile recipient of our UPEI Nursing Bursary 2015-11-19 00:00:00Z
Our Exchange student Luigi Colecchia - Italy
Luigi  comes from Modena, Italy - famous for Balsamic Vinegar, Parmisan cheese,  Ferrari, Lamborghini,   Masserati and Buggati  sports cars.   He will celebrate his 17th birthday on  December 4th, and is attending Charlottetown Rural High School.
Luigi 's parents are both medical doctors in Modena and he has no other siblings. His mother - Dr. Annarita DI BIASE is a member of the Rotary Club of Vignola Castelfranco E.
You can view  the full details from his application  located in the Club Documents section of our website...
Our Exchange student Luigi Colecchia - Italy 2015-10-30 00:00:00Z
David Hooley, QC, 2015 Vocational Service Award Winner
Congratulations to David Hooley,QC, was awarded the Hillsborough Rotary Club Vocational Service Award for 2015 today, at the regular club meeting. He was nominated by  our member Hon.David Jenkins, who gave the club an overview of his vocational activities.  Mr. Hooley has donated his $1000.oo Award to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation. Mr.Hooley and his wife have 3 children all residing in Charlottetown.
David Hooley, QC, 2015 Vocational Service Award Winner 2015-10-29 00:00:00Z
Three Club members receive Perfect Attendance Pins (95 years total)
Perfect Attendance Pins were awarded at the club's meeting today to the following longtime club members:
Jim Fraser-        35 Years
David White       30 Years
Harry Lowther    30 Years
All 3 members are a great example of
' Service Above Self"
Congratulations to all 3 members and keep up the great attendance...
Being present at club meetings is one of the basic obligations a member accepts on joining a Rotary club. Rotary is a participatory organization that highly values regular attendance. When a member is absent the entire club loses the personal association with that member, and the member loses touch with the activities of the club. Attendance is the “glue” that holds the club together and provides the basic framework for service. It is a vital part of the operation and success of every Rotary club.
Three Club members receive Perfect Attendance Pins (95 years total) 2015-10-29 00:00:00Z
Shelter Boxes for Syrian Refugees
Dear Rotary Club President,
As you may have seen in the news recently, thousands of people, many of whom are fleeing conflict
from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, are arriving in Greece each day with few
belongings and no form of shelter. Rotarian's are asking ShelterBox how they can help, so we would
like to update you on the actions we are taking to help those in need.
The Syrian refugee crisis has displaced more people than Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines,
the Haiti earthquake, Japanese earthquake and Hurricane Katrina COMBINED.
Many of these refugees face immense danger as they try to move to safety including perilous water
crossings, inadequate transport options, and human traffickers. They are also often constrained by
fences, border guards and bureaucracy.
ShelterBox has been providing life saving aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq since
the conflict began four years ago. Now, ShelterBox is working in Greece to provide the basic human
right of shelter to these refugees as they seek asylum and safety.
Working alongside the local government, partner agencies and our Rotary contacts, ShelterBox is
replacing and supplementing the existing tents with robust family sized alternatives. Over the next
couple of months, thousands of people will benefit from the protection they offer.
ShelterBox is the official Project Partner of Rotary International. It is the best Rotary-way to
impact the lives of families affected by disasters around the world and by the refugee crisis.
Your club can help us to help the desperate families in Greece and around the world by donating to
ShelterBox Canada and encouraging your members to contribute. We cannot do it without your help.
Donate today online at http://www.shelterboxcanada.org/donate_form.php , by sending a cheque to
ShelterBox Canada at 159 Jane Street, Office 2, Toronto ON, M6S3Y8 or by phone at 1-855-875-
ShelterBox is also currently responding to disasters in six other countries. Donations will be
designated to the area of greatest need.
Tax receipts are issued for all individual's donations over $20. A club can aggregate member
contributions. Just list name, address and amount of each donor, as well as the amount they donated.
The continued support of your Rotary Club and your members to ShelterBox Canada is most
appreciated. Together, you have allowed us to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of disaster
victims around the world.
Shelter Boxes for Syrian Refugees 2015-09-17 00:00:00Z
Former Exchange Student Nick Travalgia - Auckland NZ

One of my greatest pleasures is to make a professional working relationship as enjoyable and relaxed an experience for you as possible.

I take a genuine interest in you, my client, and make sure that I listen and understand your situation and needs thoroughly. I focus on providing a top level of service (with a smile) with the intention of building a lifelong working relationship with you, rather than a one-off sale.

Although new to the real estate industry, I am no stranger to sales or to property transactions. I have over 20 years sales experience and through hard work and dedication have achieved a total of 26 sales awards. I am motivated, dedicated and enjoy having a high attention to detail.

I purchased my first property at age 23 and over the years have bought and sold many properties as both personal homes and for investments purposes. By coincidence, all of these transactions were spread across various cycles of the property market. Buying and selling during the top, bottom and middle of the market has helped give me good property “life experience”.

Entrusting me to represent your property is a responsibility I don’t take lightly. My guarantee to you is that I will represent your property as if it was my own, irrespective of its size and value!
I have been a resident and homeowner in the Mission Bay and Kohimarama area for the last 15 years. I am a very passionate and proud local and nowadays being married with 2 young children, get to take full advantage of all that our fantastic location has to offer. With great beaches, parks, playgrounds and casual dining we are truly spoilt!!

Former Exchange Student Nick Travalgia - Auckland NZ 2015-09-11 00:00:00Z
Gala Royale Great Success
Congratulations, everyone, on a very successful Gala Royale! I am especially appreciative of the leadership and vision of our Gala Royale Chair, Steve Dowling. It took a lot of courage to suggest and then implement some of the changes to this very successful, long-running fundraiser. Thank you, Steve, for an outstanding job! Also, thank you to all club members who gave so much time to ensure the success of this event. I was extremely proud, last night, of our efforts and very fortunate to be President of this wonderful club!
The Major prize winner of $40,000.00 is Greg MacDougall
and the winner of the 2nd major prize is club member Jerry Ivany -  FlyPEI To Barbados - One Week For Four at Royal Glitter Bay Villas.. Great job by all especially chair Steve Dowling...
Gala Royale Great Success 2015-05-09 00:00:00Z
Our club named 2014-15 DISTRICT CLUB OF THE YEAR !!!
I received an email from District Governor, Stella Roy, on Monday that confirmed the Rotary Club of Hillsborough-Charlottetown  was named Club of the Year at the District Convention held this past weekend in Halifax. Hooray for us!!.
I want to congratulate each and every one of you for this outstanding achievement.
One of my favourite basketball players was Michael Jordan. He is credited with saying “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” It has been the teamwork of our club members that have made this year an exceptional one. I am so grateful to be working with each of you! I must admit that this recognition has given me a renewed energy which is quite timely as we head into our Gala Royale fundraiser. I am very hopeful for a successful event and I appreciate the hard work of the club members. I am so lucky to be your President
Our club named 2014-15 DISTRICT CLUB OF THE YEAR !!! 2015-05-06 00:00:00Z
Our club has donated 2 Shelter Boxes to Nepal
After Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, hospitals in the country’s capital Kathmandu were devastated, forcing medical staff to treat their patients outside with dwindling supplies.
However, ShelterBox has been able to provide tents to four hospitals in the city creating safe, covered spaces where patients can be treated in privacy. They will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics too.
Phil Duloy, ShelterBox response team member, said: 'Most hospitals in Kathmandu have just been condemned, so we are immediately distributing our pre-positioned stocks in the city to give a space for the medical staff to treat the patients who have been evacuated in the hospital grounds.'
Fellow response team member and former nurse and midwife Nicola Hinds describes the scene at one of the hospitals. She said: ‘The devastation is enormous. My husband is a GP in Northern Ireland, and it really puts things into perspective about how lucky we are to have the NHS when you see the scene here. People are being treated in the open air with limited resources - the difference is staggering.'
ShelterBox is also sending further aid to Nepal, starting with an initial 500 shelter kits, which can be used to mend structures and create temporary shelters. However, our pre-positioned stocks of equipment in the country meant that the response team was able to start helping people whose lives have been shattered by the earthquake as soon as they arrived in the country. 
We have aid pre-positioned all around the world to make sure that we can help people in need as soon as possible. Geeta Shrestha, Nursing Director at one of the four hospitals that received our tents, said: From my heart and from my hospital, I thank you.’ 
Our club has donated 2 Shelter Boxes to Nepal 2015-05-02 00:00:00Z
Frank Zakem Memorial Holland College Award
Our club offers an annual Bursary  a deserving Holland College student in the memory of our founding President- Frank Zakem. Recently our member and Frank's son Albert, attended the annual student awards ceremony and presented this year's winner- Karla Chappell, with her bursary.  
Frank Zakem Memorial Holland College Award 2015-02-12 00:00:00Z
Guatemala Literacy Project
The Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) is an initiative between Rotary International clubs and the non-profit organization Cooperative for Education (CoEd) to provides badly-needed textbooks, computer labs, scholarships, literacy and training programs to underprivileged children in Guatemala.

The Project has been supported by over 430 Rotary Clubs. To see a list of these clubs, click here. To see a list of individual Rotarians leading the project, click here.

Since 1998, the GLPs programs have been brought to over 300 impoverished rural communities. There are over 23,000 students using textbooks at 164 schools. The GLP has also founded 39 self-funding computer centers and 40 primary reading programs. The project is working with the goal of ensuring that no child in Guatemala grows up without the gift of both traditional and technological literacy.

For full details, slide shows, etc go to the web site at








Guatemala Literacy Project Jerry Ivany 2014-12-21 00:00:00Z
Charter Members of our club June 1979
                              27 Founding Members   
    ALLEN , Bill   Dr.
    BIRT,  Roger
    BRENNAN, Ernie  
    COOKE, Charlie
    CUTCLIFFE, Sinclair    *
    DALEY, Hartwell        *
    DAVIES, Tom
    HOWARD, Lloyd
    JENKINS, David
    JOHNSON, Bob Dr.
    LEE, Jim
    LEWIS, Frank
    LOWTHER, Harry
    MACKENZIE, Derald
    MACLEOD, Gary
    MACRAE, John        *
    MCMILLAN,Colin Dr
    MILLER, Gordon
    NEWMAN, Delmar
    STEWART, Graham
    THOMPSON, Leith Dr,
    WOOD, Wally            *
    ZAKEM, Frank            *
*   Deceased
Charter Members of our club June 1979 2014-11-29 00:00:00Z
1982-3 Club Board of Directors
Can you believe that 5 of these 8 are still members????
Can you name them all  !!!!
1982-3 Club Board of Directors 2014-11-29 00:00:00Z
Farming in Iowa
Jennifer Ewoldt, DVM, and her husband, Robb, are farmers in the Quad-Cities. Her column about life on the farm is published every other Monday in the Quad City Times, Davenport Iowa.  Jennifer is the daughter of Rotarian Jerry Ivany and partner Joan, is a former Rotary Exchange student to Denmark and a graduate of The Atlantic Vet College.   To read her column  paste the following link in your web browser
Farming in Iowa Jennifer Ewoldt, DVM 2014-10-22 00:00:00Z
Rotary Youth Exchange on facebook
Our District 7820 has a Youth Exchange Facebook page....  you can  view  at
Rotary Youth Exchange – District 7820
Rotary Youth Exchange on facebook 2014-09-24 00:00:00Z