Posted by Pat Gould-Thorpe on Mar 10, 2019

This is a good time of year to remember March 11, 1991. On that historic date four women became members of the Rotary Club of Windsor – the first women members in the 62 years of the club's existence.

Actually, to invite women to become members of Rotary was impossible up until several months before because the Constitution of Rotary International (duplicated by all Rotary clubs) stated clearly that membership was restricted to male persons. Then, in some states and countries, the courts decreed that service clubs could not discriminate against women as members. So, the door was opened.

It is therefore recorded that our first women members were: Jeanne Douglas, Janet Kirk, Valerie Romkey and Wendy Trull.

In the photo (standing L to R) Janet Kirk, Jeanne Douglas, Valerie Romkey and Wendy Trull, (seated L to R) club President Andy Kirk and new member Steve Wells.