Posted by Pat Gould-Thorpe on Nov 05, 2018

The True Rotarian Award is presented to a Rotarian who demonstrates through his/her Rotary and community life that he/she lives by the four-way test at all times; who is humble, does not flatter wealth or boast of his/her own achievements; speaks with sincerity and empathy; and provides Service Above Self in word and deed. The True Rotarian is the foundation of Rotary - always there, contributing to Rotary's goals and objectives unselfishly.

The True Rotarian Award was presented to Gerry Raymond by District Governor Rob Christie.

Rotarian Andy Kirk recalled Gerry's extensive contributions with the following remarks:

Since joining the Windsor Rotary Club on Dec. 1st, 1981 (nearly 37 years ago) Gerry Raymond has been a very hard working and committed member of our club. While his involvement in Rotary has been too great to enumerate in detail today I would like to make mention of just a few of the initiatives in which he has been involved.

  1. Northwood in Touch – I believe that Gerry has been a part of the Intouch committee since that project was initiated under the leadership of Bill Mulhall in 1991. He certainly has taken a leading role in recent years.

  2. The Auction - While he managed Fundy Gypsum, and long afterwards, Gerry ensured that there was strong financial support for the Auction providing sheets of Sheetrock for auctioneers to sell. (or would that be Gyprock -- Gerry?) Gerry was also a past master of “gently” encouraging his suppliers and friends to provide donations. Of course Gerry worked the Auction Store Room for many days each year for many years.

  3. Ticket sales - You really would have to see Gerry selling tickets in the community to truly appreciate how this Rotarian can convince acquaintances, friends & former employees of Fundy Gypsum to purchase a ticket or even 10 for many Rotary causes. Gerry knows everyone and those few he does not know are still approached – generally successfully.

  4. Weekly Meetings: As most of you know Gerry looked after the collection of our meal money at our weekly meetings for many, many years and woe betide any Rotarian who “forgot” to pay or to sign the attendance sheet.

  5. Gerry’s extensive background in engineering and in business, both nationally and internationally, as well as his corporate knowledge of Windsor Rotary and our community have contributed greatly to our club and its many successes. When Gerry comments on a topic we all listen!


Our Rotary motto of “Service above Self” is an integral part of Gerry’s daily life. His commitment to the community has been and continues to be fundamental to his being.

  1. In 1967 he was a driving force behind the construction of the Windsor Centennial Pool.

  2. Gerry was a long time member and supporter of the Avon Valley Golf and Country Club. He and Mike King were involved with providing machinery for the initial work for the new course in 1971 and Gerry was later involved in the planning and provision of the watering system.

  3. Gerry has been a very committed volunteer for the Windsor United Church, serving on a number of governing and regular committees as well as playing a leadership role in Campaign 99, a major fundraising campaign for the church.

  4. He served as a member of the Windsor Regional School Board of Trustees.

  5. Gerry has been a member of the Windsor Gyro Club for more than 50 years and has held every position which it is possible to hold – most recently serving as secretary for more than a decade.

  6. The Windsor Elms has been a major recipient of Gerry’s energy and talents. He was a long-time member and chair of the Board and then chaired the Building Committee for the New Windsor Elms Village - a 110 bed facility which is the equal of any in our province if not the country.

  7. Gerry’s gardens are a beauty to behold and just a year ago Communities in Bloom awarded him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

  8. In 2006 Windsor Rotarians honoured Gerry with the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow.

As a citizen committed to making his community truly a better place Rotarian Gerry Raymond is certainly most deserving of the 2018 Windsor True Rotarian Award.