The First Annual Rotary Polar Bear DipImage happens January 1, 2015, at the Pisiquid Canoe Club in Windsor, NS. Registration is 11 am, dipping begins at 12 noon. Dippers can get pledge sheets and participant information at www.rotarywindsor.com .  Just click on Polar Bear Dip in the top navigation bar.

ALL MONEY RAISED FROM PLEDGES GOES TO VALLEY FOOD BANKS. Fellow Rotarians, friends, and family who don't brave the frigid waters of Lake Pesaquid can still support our Food Banks by pledging their support for dippers. The first 50 dippers to register will receive a fantastic, one-of-a-kind participant “Rotary Polar Bear Dip sweatshirt.”

And if there is no water in the lake? We'll have the first ever virtual dip. No worries though - either way we will get very, very wet. For more information polarbeardip@rotarywindsor.com