As they do almost every year, the Rotary Club of Windsor held a weekend for Rotary Exchange Students hosted by Rotary Clubs across the Maritimes. Some 20 students from as far away as Korea gathered at Camp Mockingee for a weekend of fellowship and fun. The students arrived at camp a day late because of a storm which cancelled transportation throughout the area. The delay didn't dampen any spirits.


After supper courtesy of Rotarian (chef) Les Reid, at the Camp on Friday, the students rolled up the rug, so to speak, and organized a “formal dance.” They decorated the dining hall with international flags, dressed in fancy clothes which they had brought for the purpose and had a great time. We're told they even did the limbo!


Saturday was a beautiful day to spend at Ski Martock skiing and snowboarding. Students who were new to the sports took lessons in the morning and were able to join their friends in the afternoon for a really good time on the slopes. In the evening students were priviledged to be invited to Paul Primeau's Sweat Lodge in Falmouth and were very respectful of the opportunity.


On Sunday morning everyone helped pack and clean up, and we sent the majority of the students home on the bus together. “They were a great group,” said Rotarian Andy Kirk. “Rotary exchange students are almost always really good but this group were just plain superior. Whether it was the dishes, the clean-up, the need for attention when imparting instructions or anything at all, they were great.” By all accounts it was an absolutely fabulous weekend!


In the photo: Rotary Exchange Students at Camp Mockingee. If you look closely you may be able to pick out Rotarians Les Reid, Alex Jurgens, Tish Deemer and Kevin Walsh as well as our own Windsor Rotary Exchange Student, Agustina from Argentina.


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