Camp Mockingee Topographical Map (PDF) This is a map showing the boundaries of Camp Mockingee, the Orange Trail and the Blue Trail, and elevations.

Directions to Camp Mockingee (PDF)


Camp Mockingee Site Development Plan 2007 (PDF) This is a map showing the buildings and recreation areas at Camp Mockingee as we plan for them to look after 2007 site development is completed.

The Rotary Club has undertaken an ambitious plan to develop the Camp. Our objective is a facility which provides year-round camping with a wide range of activities for up to one hundred people. Look at our Site Map for an overview of the plan.

Dining Hall
This addition includes a 30' by 35' dining hall, an expanded kitchen, an office, and a basement meeting room.

The kitchen features a walk-in cooler, three electric stoves, a much larger work area, and a separate dish washing centre. A shower has been added to the first of two accessible washrooms.

Excavation for the foundation of the new dining room provided the opportunity to clear and level a large area to the front and side of the dining hall. This will provide space for a volleyball court and (some day) for a new swing set.

Redmond Building
The Club plans to place the building on a concrete basement, install heating, and insulate and finish the interior walls. Once renovations are complete, the building will provide a year-round recreation hall.

Kirk Building
An accessible washroom has been completed. Several new windows and the replacement of deteriorated siding are needed to reduce heating costs. The basement has been finished and is available for use as a play area, a meeting room, a science centre or a lounge.

Vale House
In 2006-07 the former kitchen and dining building was completely renovated, insulated and provided with electric heat.  It now provides three-season sleeping accommodations for 24 users in two 4 bunk rooms and 4 one bunk rooms for leaders.
  In recognition of the thousands of volunteer hours committed by Rotarian Ted Vale and his wife Marion this building was named Vale House.  
The Development Plan calls for this building requires new windows and siding.

Washroom Building (concrete block)
In order to accommodate the increased winter, fall, and spring capacity, the washroom walls and ceiling have to be insulated and new exterior siding installed. A planned tile floor will enhance cleanliness.

Playing Fields & Parking Lots
The Club plans to expand the playing fields to provide a paved basketball court, a volleyball court and a soccer field in addition to the existing ball diamond. The playing fields will be expanded and enhanced.  Driveways and parking will be relocated away from the central playing fields.  The parking areas will be expanded across the Smeltzer Road extension.  The Club also plans to install an approved swing set for young campers.

Water Front
The Camp does not have a dock or boat launch. The Club plans to clear a level area near the river for this purpose, construct an access driveway, and install a dock.  In addition, the Development Plan calls for an expanded grassed area above the present beach and a replacement retaining wall with new steps down to the beach.

The Club plans to establish trails and campsites in the 30 acres of woodlands (known as the Wood Family Nature Preserve) acquired in 2003.  Boardwalks, bridges and tent platforms for the campsite will be constructed.
In addition, a new trail is planned for the waterfront. This waterside trail will follow the shoreline of the original Rotary Camp land.