From our past member Doug Edwards we have learned that the Rotary Club of Kitchener Conestoga (RCKC) has initiated fundraising to assist the people of Ukraine during this very difficult time of the Russian invasion and the unimaginable hardship it continues to cause to those who remain in the country. They are currently seeking to raise $70,000 in addition to $100,000 already raised and sent (see the recap below detailing the impact). 

To donate directly to the RCKC International Aid Fund via e-transfer.  All funds go directly into the RCKC IAF bank account at the Bank of Montreal.  100% of the funds are then forwarded to their contacts in the Ukraine for direct aid to those that need it.

The recipient address is:    

It is set for auto-deposit so no secret word is required. They will assume any funds being received are for the Ukraine Project but there is a spot to indicate this on the e-transfer form.


October 12, 2022

Rev. Roland Syens

On February 24, 2022, Russia began her invasion of Ukraine.  Actually, the invasion began already on March 18, 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula and took a part of Ukraine‚Äôs sovereign territory.  As a result of the ongoing war over 12 million people are displaced with over 5 million having had to flee the country and 7 million refugees within the  country of just over 44 million people.

This war has caused much unnecessary hardship with ramifications felt all over the world. 

Kitchener/Conestoga Rotary Club

At the end of April 2022, the Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club wanted to provide, on the ground, direct support to Ukrainian refugees.   They asked their members if anyone knew of a way to get direct help to Ukraine.   Rev. Dr. Dieter Kays, a member, knew of a person who might help.  He asked Pastor Roland Syens a missionary to Ukraine (1993-2005)  for 13 years if he still had connections and could get money into the hands of those who needed it most and could help others.    

Pastor Roland was in daily contact with people in Ukraine from many different cities.  He was asked to be the contractor and to develop a Schedule A of how money would be used and a Schedule B as to how money would be received and then sent into the hands of Ukrainians.  This was done and on March 16, 2022, a sum of $10,000 was sent over to Ukraine.  

Over $102,000 Canadian Raised

Since that first sum of $10,000 in March we are now, October 13, 2022, on day 234 of the war on Ukraine and over $60,000 has been transferred to Ukraine and put to good use in helping those in need.  These transfers are now totaling about $10,000 per month and this would probably need to be continued until the war subsides, hopefully by next summer.

Over 2,500 Ukrainians helped

The main cities where our contacts are helping others are Odessa, Nikolaev and Dnepro, with connections to people in different areas.   Money has also been sent to help support those refugees who have made it to Poland and Montenegro and are caring for others there.  

In Nikolaev, through Pastor Alexei Navrotskii over 600 people have been helped. 

  • A special well and filter system has been put in place to help deliver clean water to those in     need
  • A food bank has been set up to provide free food to those in need
  • Medical support has been provided for over 70 people (medicine and supplies)
  • Building materials has been given to assist 20 families with patching roofs and repairing     windows.

In Dnepro (Dnepropetrovsk) through Pastor Sergei Bevz over 650  individuals have been helped.

  • Over 650 people have been helped.
  • 18 families have been given financial support for transport, government papers.
  • 15 people have been supported with medical aid (treatment, medicines)
  • Food packages made for 4-5 people have been given to many families, both refugees and     local residents who have no more resources.

Also, in Dnepro, through the Alpha and Omega Center and Oksana Nadelina and Alosha and Olga Ziryanov, over 500 people have been helped including those who are physically or mentally  challenged.

  • Over 500 people have been helped
  • 60 families with children which have physical or mental disabilities have been supported
  • 32 people with disabilities have been evacuated to other countries
  • 9 trips to the Donetsk region bringing food and humanitarian aid to those who do not want     to leave.
  • Laundry is done 3 times a day at the Alpha and Omega Center to care for refugees living     there.
  • 15 people have been given medical support
  • 150 people given food packages
  • 300 people given fresh bread for several days.
  • Delivery of drinking water to a village whose water had been cut off.

Other support has been assisting in getting documents for those whose homes have been bombed or who have had to flee Russian occupied areas and were not able to get their documents in time.  Assistance for seniors to register for state benefits when their home areas have been occupied. Purchase of clothes and foot ware for people who have had to walk long distances to find freedom

Now they are getting ready for winter and helping to buy winter clothes and equipping the Alpha Center with reliable heating and propane gas cylinders for when the gas will be shut off.

In Odessa, Pastor Oleg Schewchenko has been helping to drive people to the boarders and has been using funds to pay for fuel and food to help many refugees in transition.   He, at present, is in Germany hoping to purchase a trailer to be used to carry aid and personal belongings so that more room can be in the van for transporting evacuees and refugees.  

As you can see the timely funds from the Rotary Club has been a life saver for hundreds of people.  They have been able to get support, food, help and aid to people on the ground in ways that others have not been able to do so quickly and effectively.   Special thanks to all those who support Ukraine through the Kitchener/Conestoga Rotary club on this the 234th day of the Russian war on Ukraine.   It makes a difference.  If it was you in need and your family, you would see how wonderful these gifts are.