Global Polio Eradication

Since the inception of the PolioPlus program in 1985, Rotary International’s mandate has been to vaccinate all children of the world against the crippling disease of Polio, with the goal of eliminating the disease from the world forever. You can learn more here.

Rancherias Home Building Project

Funding and helping oversee the construction of houses to residents of the town of Rancherias who can’t afford the cost of a basic home, provides much needed shelter to the beneficiaries, while also providing an economic boost to the community. For the workers that are paid to assist with the construction, it is an important source of revenue, where many families only earn no more than $80-150US/month. As of May 2023, ten families have been the beneficiaries of a new home.

Rancherias Health Care Fund

Funding health care needs to Rancherias residents who are unable to afford to pay themselves has helped improve the lives of over 125 people, as of June 2023. Often earning less than $100US/month, dental and eye care is often not affordable. Our contribution to an individual is on average, $65US. The program started when we realized a young boy was unable to attend school because the family couldn’t afford the glasses he needed to see the blackboard.

Microcredit Loans

We provide microcredit loans to entrepreneurs around the world who typically lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable credit history. These loans are designed not only to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty, but also in many cases to empower women and by extension uplift entire communities. In addition to using a lending platform, we have also partnered with MiCrédito in Nicaragua, providing them with a source of funds for use with entrepreneurs in the Rancherias area. Since November 2023, we’ve given out over 2,000 loans that are typically $100 to $300.

Water and Education in Laos

This project is led by a partner Rotary club and addresses water and education in rural villages in the country of Laos, in southeast Asia. Water projects are dedicated to bringing permanent water sources into villages, with water filter distribution, hygienic toilets, plus hygiene training. Education includes the construction of schools where none exist, or where current schools are simply not adequate for learning, plus sponsorship of poor children who would not be able to go to school without our help. As an example, one recent project involved the following: construct a dam, trench and lay 5.6km of pipe, build a water tank in the village and install taps throughout the village of 600 residents. To learn more about this program, please visit the Adopt a Village in Laos website.

Mine Centre Breakfast Program

This program funds a breakfast program at the Mine Centre School in northwest Ontario, where approximately 60 school children are mostly coming from two nearby indigenous communities with limited economic opportunities. Food security is an obstacle for families due to the geographic isolation of the communities. Some of the kids have had no breakfast and have no lunch, so the breakfast program provides an incentive for getting the kids to school. As well, some school children aren’t properly dressed for the cold winters of the north, so we’ve also provided funds to the school to purchase winter clothing items. We have also assisted with the purchase of teaching aids for the school’s Native Language (NSL) program.