Posted by Rob D on Jun 05, 2018
We were joined by Bernardo Ricine from Work for a Cure.
Work for a Cure is a Cambridge volunteer driven grass roots not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for children and families affected by cancer.
In 2005 the organization started with a successful golf tournament as it’s sole event that raised $2500. The following year, the golf tournament raised $8,000 and in the third year they established a 15 year goal to use events to raise $1M to support children and families affected by cancer.
The annual golf tournament remains the flagship event but they have hosted many other events including an annual Gala held each March and numerous BBQ's, festivals, dinners and displays. In one year they held a total of 11 events with the rule that each event must be able to net $5,000 or more. It hasn’t all been easy and there have been some setbacks and obstacles that they were able to power thru to grow their events. The golf tournament has grown from 80 to 200 golfers and the Gala has grown from 100 to 300 attendees. They like to partner with other like events and leverage existing sponsorships. In 2017 their Gala raised $170,000 and they hit their 15 year $1M goal (3 years early!). This week they have a “Nashville Night” fundraiser and their annual golf tournament at Whistle Bear in August. Their mandate is to make events fun.
The cause that originally they supported was the Canadian Cancer Society but early on a poll of participants indicated that it was important to keep the proceeds local. Over the years they have supported many charities including direct support to families affected by cancer, Ronald MacDonald House, a $500,000 donation to Cambridge Memorial Hospital and others. This year, the recipient is Grand River Hospital Cancer Centre.
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