Posted by Rob D on May 29, 2018
Kevin Ballentyne presented to the club the progress on the strategic plan.
A little over 2-1/2 years ago, 18 members of the club participated in an exercise to establish a strategic plan for the club by imagining what the club would look like in 5 years. Out of that was developed a plan that is being stewarded by a committee of members including the Past President, current President and President Elect. The plan includes a mission, vision and 6 priorities:
  • Club’s Mission: The Kitchener Grand River Rotary Club is a diverse and engaged organization dedicated to supporting children, youth, and future leaders locally and internationally by way of living and promoting the ideals of Rotary.
  • Club’s Vision: The Kitchener Grand River Rotary Club is well know for advocating for and supporting vulnerable children in our Rotary communities.  We accomplish this through hands on service and giving families a hand up.
  1. Fundraising
    1. Ensure fundraisers maintain value and are sustainable
    2. Identify and implement a new large fundraiser with an arts and culture focus
  2. Membership
    1. Ensure that existing members are retained and engaged in club activities and events
    2. Grow membership with a focus on diversity, young members and women
  3. Public Relations
    1. Increase recognition of the work of Rotary and the KGR Club in the community by focusing on efforts where the club makes a difference
    2. Utilize various modes of communication to provide relevant and timely information to members and the community
  4. Leadership Development
    1. Develop and increase members’ engagement and leadership skills through communication, committees and Rotary training opportunities
  5. Club Service
    1. Increase member involvement with hands on service opportunities to demonstrate that we are people of action
  6. International
    1. Increase Rotary reach by participating in more international projects through available grants and opportunities
While much has been done to move down this strategic path we will continue to work at moving initial areas forward and add more areas of focus and engage more members in the process.
Guardians of the Plan are:
      Paul Walman                              Marilyn Allen 
      Spiro Dracopoulos                   Matthew Martin
      Kevin Ballantyne                       Gerry Muller
      Len Brunen