Mudpuppy Chase

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Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kitchener Grand River, the annual Mudpuppy Chase is the premier downtown Kitchener early season run.

Kitchener was born on the heels of the industrial revolution, with Southwestern Ontario's land providing the raw goods to support rich industrial growth.

The Mudpuppy was a resident of the area long before most of us when Kitchener was known as Sand Hills. Running from puddle to stream, the Mudpuppy is a sprightly little constant in its ever-changing environment.

The Downtown Mudpuppy Chase invites you to participate in a day of Fun, friendship and spirited competition as we celebrate the excitement of a community that is on the move!

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Most of last year's sponsors have recommitted for this year's event but we are still in need of more support. The committee would ask all members to think about contacts that could be approached by the committee for new sponsorships. The committee is willing to make the presentation/requests but is in need of referrals of contacts our members have in the community. Please speak to a committee member if you have someone in mind that may be able to support our new running event.

If you're interested in sponsoring the event, please email mudpuppy sponsorhip committee.