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“Rotary joins Leaders from all continents, cultures and occupations to exchange ideas and take action for communities around the world.”

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Giving Rotary A Lift
Rotarians Bob, Liz and Tommy at the Tested International Powerlifting League World Power Lifting Championship competition the week of November 8th, 2018 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas Nevada
Giving “Rotary a Lift” to help “End Polio Now”
The Rotarian and Wyoming record setting weightlifting team of husband and wife Tommy and Liz Thoman from Green River Wyoming will be attempting to give “Rotary a Lift” as they garner pledges from fellow Rotarians in Rotary’s endeavor to eliminate Polio from around the world. Collaborating with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, world governments, Gavi and UNICEF the “End Polio Now” project and ending Polio is a priority of the Rotary Foundation.
As members of the Rotary E-Club of District 5190, both are hoping to inspire Fellow Rotarians to pledge donations that are matched 2 to1 by the Gates Foundation. Tommy and Liz will be participating in the power lifting competitions in 2018 and 2019. After setting Wyoming state power lifting records in the Raw weight lifting division last year the duo, thankful for their good health, felt that like many other Rotarians, could give something back through their extraordinary weight lifting abilities, to help bring more awareness to “End Polio Now”, helping to eradicate the Polio virus worldwide.
Both weightlifters will be identifiable by their gold and black weightlifting singlets adorned with Rotary, Rotarian at Work and End Polio Now logos. Their support group of Rotarians, friends and family will be cheering and encouraging them on and easily identifiable while wearing gold and black Rotary and Rotarian at Work shirts along with red End Polio Now shirts and hats.
For more information on Rotary International, End Polio Now and how you can help to “End Polio Now” just enter either into your search engine or head to https://www.endpolio.org/ .
Steps to donate:
2. Select "I would like to make this donation in honor or memory of someone"
3. Select "In honor of"
4. Name of Honoree is "Elizabeth (Withers) Thoman or Tommy Thoman
5. Recipients email address should be "rinehart.wilke.iv@gmail.com"
6. They can choose to add their personal name or the name of their club as the donor
7. They can choose to add a personal message
8. Complete the remaining payment information
This Month's Rotary Theme
This is how we implement servant leadership that makes us a "cut above the rest"!

We understand there are and have been circumstances that have caused past Rotarians as yourself to leave Rotary. We feel this E-Club is the answer to getting you “back in the Rotary saddle” or staying in Rotary and making a difference in your local community and the world.

So why is this e club different from any of the other e clubs? It has been put together with the input of past Rotarians such as yourself, our member’s experiences and we feel we have and with your input, have put together the best e club in Rotary.

·         Cost. We only require you pay your yearly dues, about $110. All the rest of the funding comes from our members generosity through donations, creativity and Happy Bucks (more on Happy bucks later)

·         Attendance is simple. As a member you receive an emailed version of the meeting which allows you to attend the meeting by just clicking on and reviewing the meeting! The club will also post that same meeting each week on the club website. You can also attend another club’s meetings, district or other sanctioned Rotary events. Just contact our webmaster to enter your make up meeting attendance.

·         Members may submit relevant scenery, landmark or other photos that are posted on our club runner site front page, rotating periodically based on the number submitted and available space.

·         Members may submit articles or topic requests  for the weekly meetings that they author or are interested in by either written submission or linked by a hyper link

·         Rotarians may submit, for the weekly meetings, photos of Rotary icons and where they found them (see the second sample meeting on the site)

·         Having members send in Happy, Sappy or Sad Bucks notations to our web master for posting on our face book site.

·         Making the submission of programs open to the members by either written or hyper link means

·         Promoting the team aspect for areas where a group of Rotarians who are geographically near each other can meet and or combine their collective resources for positive local and community impact. We already have several teams formed!

·         The members are here to get local projects on the ground and completed.

·         Helping our members with projects within their community.

·         One yearly face to face meeting and social gathering at District conference is available for members to attend and discuss other issues but is not mandatory.

·         We are 100% Rotarians and you can help with other clubs projects, attend other Rotary functions, be a guest at other clubs and such. With access to the Rotary Rewards program, exclusive to Rotarians. (linked on our web page)

·         And with your input we expect to excel even more in making this club about the members and getting things done locally while becoming the best Rotary e-club!

·         Please continue to visit our site and contact us for a follow up conversation and suggestions.



Welcome to the Rotary E-Club of District 5190
If you are or were a Rotarian like myself and found that making the regular club meetings was a challenge or next to impossible and when you walked out your front door and thought there is so much in your community and in the world that needs someone to help make a difference, then this e club is for you. The Rotary E-Club of District 5190 might just be the right fit for you to continue you’re “Service Above Self”. This Club is being started because something was needed to be done to help get Rotarians like you and me back into the game. And along the way I am sure some new Rotarians will find this opportunity just what they were looking for also.
Not to mention, if you are a Rotarian transferring to a new location you may find this club a great place to keep your membership current while you explore the new opportunities that await you in your new community.
Please feel free to talk to me or another E-Club member directly by setting up a phone call, Skype session, or even an in-person meeting with myself or one of the current E-Club members to discuss the operations and opportunities afforded by joining our E-Club. We believe we offer a unique Rotary experience with  more personal, individual attention and opportunities to our members then the other E-Clubs in Rotary.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Bob Withers

Click HERE to contact Bob
What is an eClub and how does it work? Here are FAQS from the internationally renowned Rotary eClub One.
Frequently Asked Questions
In the immortal words of Dragnet's Sergeant Joe Friday....
“Just the FAQS Ma’am”
Click HERE for “the FAQS”
Actually Joe, this is YOUR club with our unique members and club operations. The FAQS are a guideline to help us put together the best e club in the best district!
Charter Ceremony
Watch the charter ceremony for Rotary E-Club of District 5190
Photos by Liz Withers, Member in Laramie, WY