For many years the Rotary Club of St Peters has recognised senior students, selected by their teachers, for excellence in vocational school subjects.

Rotarians have enjoyed seeing the work these young people have produced and hearing how and why they developed the diverse and skilful articles.

In 2016 our Vocational Awards have changed.
A wider group of young people were selected following recommendation by their teacher or by the employers providing volunteer opportunity. 
Students from Years 10, 11 and 12, along with older young people from the Hutt Street Centre and from the Women’s Community Centre in Stepney were recognised for their efforts.
In each case the young people were recommended for recognition because of their work excellence, positive attitude, willingness to learn and interest in a job well done. 
The Vocational Awards Night in 2016 provided us with some new thoughts and recognised a broader meaning of Vocation and that gave a greater impact to the awards.