District Governor 9510 Jeff Neale Area Governor (Group 10) Shiralee Judge
  Club President James Hawker Club Immediate Past President Shawn Hutchinson
Club President Elect Karen Nolan Club Secretary Florence Yeardley 
Meeting Monday, 30/05/2022
Meeting Number 2581
The RC Mt Barker meets every Monday evening from 6.30-8.00 pm at
Auchendorroch House, 17 Adelaide Rd, Mt Barker
Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta 
Sergeant at Arms:  Ian Rose
Invocation:   Michael Bagshaw
Loyal Toast : IPP Shawn Hutchinson
President, James Hawker
Opened the meeting, welcomed Rotarians and guests,  Judy Hawker (Hungry No More) , Perry Hill, Justin Hill, Jason and Margaret Rose  and  Tatum Ashcroft.
Apology from  Penni Taylor who is interstate and Annie Smitz (overseas)
  • The Board has regretfully accepted Jack Newton's resignation  as Membership/ Vocational Service Director due to work commitments.  We thank Jack for all the work he has done in the club and we wish him well.  Jack will remain as a member.
Motion:  That Chris Cleveland be appointed Director,  Membership/ Vocational Service
Proposed:  Karen Nolan
Seconded:  Carola Sanders
All in favour.  Motion carried.
  • RI Ukraine humanitarian projects. Impressed by response.
  • David Egan.  Early Bird discount RI Convention, Melbourne , 27th - 31st My 2023.  $70 discount.  Link in email "discount offer."  Link will change from Houston to Melbourne.  Apply from the 5th -9th June until 2:29pm.
Induction of two new members
President James had the great privilege of induction, not one, but two new members, Justin Hill and Tatum Ashcroft.  Florence Yeardley will mentor Tatum and James Hawker will mentor Justin.  Welcome to the club you  two.
Clay Pigeon Shoot
Mike McDonald reported.  The shoot was attended by the senior males from the McDonald clan; Mike, his son Matt and grandson, Cooper. 
The shooters really enjoyed the day and used 50 shells each.
Shiralee hit the target with her first shot.  Shiralee and Karen both tried to judge.
Thanks to James and the RC Stirling for organising the event.
This photo was taken at the Rotary Shoot Monarto Clay Target Club on Saturday 4th June.  20 Rotarians and friends enjoyed the day out.  Our team won!  Congratulations you shooters. 
Shez Judge about to shoot.
Karen Nolan takes instruction.
L-R Matt McDonald, Mike McDonald, Shez Judge, Richard Yeardley, Karen Nolan, Jason Rose.
Chris Cleveland, Membership/Vocational Service Director
  • New Members' Orientation program to be looked at for improvement.
  • Mission to increase membership- Members approach friends, Family and business aquaintances so that we can follow up on our sales mission
  • Chris spoke about potential new members referring to his experience from the RC Darwin.
  • Upgrading the first contact prior to becoming a member
Vocational Service 
  • Those who have long standing exposure or who have friends in businesses such as, stock and station agents, potato distributors, factories, hospitality services.  Please sound them out for club visits and interest in joining.
  • Steam Ranger trip- email Chris with attendance numbers.
Public Image
  • Banners - ongoing, still on the way, progressing slowly.
  • promo leaflets, polo shirts - consensus,
  • Some new members do not have polo shirts and aprons. Chris to work with Work Locker.  The board is interested in a more exciting shirt design.
  • Members to attend Farmer's Markets once a month to drive membership information  with banners and leaflets etc.
Community Service and Fund Raising Director, Peter Baur
  1. Cornerstone College Karnival - Fri 24th June.  Donuts.
  2. University of Adelaide Orientation Day - Wed 20th July.  Donuts.  Adelaide Rotaract Club to take this on supported by us.
  3. Caravan and Camping Show - Wed 27th July - Sun 31st July
  4. Royal Adelaide Show - Sept 3rd - 11th
  5. Echunga Farm Day - Sep 24th - 25th.  RC Stirling asked for assistance.  Donut van.
  6. Strathalbyn Show - Oct 3rd.  Invited us to participate. Peter to enquire whether the RC Strath has a van.
  7. Car and Motorcycle Show n Shine - Oct 8th
  8. Holy Family Catholic School Spring Fair - Oct 23rd.   We decided not to support this event.
Conquer The Summit - Dave Gillies
The presentation evening wind up dinner will be arranged by the Lions Club of Mt Barker and held on 27th July at Auchendorroch.
Coke Van
Grant approved and we will apply for a second grant when available for final repairs.
Other Business
  • Bunnings meeting attended by Rod and Peter. Certificate of thanks presented. Offer of Power Pass Card.
Rod to apply - cards to be distributed to Rod Cooper, Dave Gillies and Peter Baur
  • Birdwood Farm Day
Recommendation to Board to donate 25% of takings   to the Birdwood Primary School.
  • Nature Play Forest Festival. Decided to offer our services to manage the traffic as well as parking if there are no changes to car parks used.
  • Parking Certificates
​​​​​​​President James thanked Peter and his committee for a very active year.
Upcoming Speakers for the next 2 months
Jun 13, 2022
Queen's Birthday
Jun 20, 2022
Have we acheived our predicted goals?
Jun 25, 2022 9:00 AM
Induction of President Karen
Jun 27, 2022
Jul 04, 2022
Club Photos
Jul 11, 2022
Jul 18, 2022 6:30 PM
Wine Tasting
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Upcoming Events for the Next 3 Months
Coffee Catchup
Laratinga Cafe
Jun 08, 2022 10:30 AM
Coffee Catchup
Laratinga Cafe
Jun 15, 2022 10:30 AM
Combined Board Meeting 22-23
83 Native Avenue
Jun 16, 2022
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Coffee Catchup
Laratinga Cafe
Jun 22, 2022 10:30 AM
Coffee Catchup
Laratinga Cafe
Jun 29, 2022 10:30 AM
Hungry No More
Mount Barker Uniting Church
Jul 10, 2022
5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
SteamRanger Excursion
Aug 21, 2022
9:30 AM – 6:15 PM
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Advertisement for ClubRunner Mobile
Operation Flinders - Sub Committee, Michael Bagshaw
 Cornerstone College
The Cornerstone College participated in the recently completed exercise 1A/22. A team of young men were given the unique opportunity to participate in our evidence-based outback intervention program. Operation Flinders would like to acknowledge the ongoing support provided by the Rotary Club of Mt. Barker in offering generous financial assistance in ensuring young people at-risk are provided with the opportunity to experience the program and its benefits.

Through the leadership skills of the Operation Flinders team leaders, the team was given positive and consistent role models to work with, who demonstrated to participants the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, and reinforced acceptable standards of community behaviour. 

During the exercise, on the final night out in the field, participants were asked to fill out a survey about what they liked/disliked about the exercise, but more importantly the lessons they had learned and how they could apply these skills when they returned home. A summary of each participant’s responses is as follows:

I can push myself further than I thought, it was good to get to know others better, show more respect to others, school mentor and parents can help me improve, liked the views, camping and forming friendships with others, disliked the long walks.

I am more resilient than I thought and I can have a positive mindset, be patient and understand others point of view, treat people better and myself better, I can take on more challenges after this, liked the abseiling and being challenged to get out of my comfort zone.

Help out more at home, break down my goals into smaller steps, don’t judge people before getting to know them, liked the views and camping out in the Flinders, disliked the walking.

Appreciate more the things I have at home, think more about others and helping them if needed, I am more confident of overcoming other challenges after this, liked the views and the abseiling, disliked the walking.
Working in a team is a better way to get the job done, respect people to get on better with them, remember the things I have learnt out here, liked cooking on the open fire and relaxing at camp each night, disliked the cold nights.

I learnt a lot about who I am and what I am capable of, some people have different opinions but you still need to respect them, think more about how my actions affect others, new challenges won’t seem as hard now, liked the views and camping in the Flinders, disliked the walking.

I can walk a long way and push past my limits, I can get along with people I don’t know, change my mindset in school, treat people how I want to be treated, listen to the people around me who are there to support me, liked the views and the team challenges, disliked the walking.

I showed more perseverance and how to make the best out of something, having good people around you is good, you have to respect people even if you don’t like them, teamwork is helpful at home and school, liked the views and how much I’ve learnt about myself, disliked some of the attitudes of others, I am so glad I came and had a great time and bettered myself, if you keep on trying you can achieve a lot more than you first thought.
RORP report, Mark Clemow
1. Current Projects
a.  Egypt
Now in the hands of RORP Victoria, pending advice and action from Egypt on shipping.  Not sure of the status and future expectations by Cairo.
b.  City of  Tea Tree Gully 
Edinburgh Reserve playground completed on 26 May 2022, with help from RC Modbury Golden Grove.  Good quality and straightforward dismantle, with good cooperation from Council.  Three more playgrounds have been coded and await go-ahead from Council.

3. Upcoming projects
a.  Prospect.  Confirmation of two already coded playgrounds for November/December.
b.  Gawler.
Inspected two playgrounds on 10 May with RC Gawler Light members. One is near near and will likely go to Indigenous Community in NT. The other is older and will go overseas.
c.  Whyalla.
Preparing an ongoing arrangement for
RORP to receive all of their playgrounds.  RC  Whtall believe another removal is imminent.
d.  Expressions of Interest
i.  Ardrossan Progress Association and
Yorke Peninsula Council. Costed proposal submitted April
26th for
playground in foreshore park at Ardrossan.
ii.  City of Charles Sturt. Via RC West Lakes and
RC Grange. Proposal put to Council and now clarifying
iii.  City of Onkaparinga.  Peter Baur attended a meeting with City of Onkaparinga in McLaren Vale on 3 May. Positive response, with the possibility of 15 playgrounds a year.  RC
McLaren Vale to co-ordinate RC Clubs in the area.
Information sent to contact at Council.  Onkaparinga is the largest Council in the state and one it will be good to engage.
iv.  Alexandrina District Council.
RC Goolwa have facilitated an opportunity for a playground in Port Elliott. Have provided information and a proposal.
v.  City of Port Lincoln. Large foreshore playground to be replaced.  RC Whyalla are supporting.
vi.  City of Unley.  Referrral from  RC Unley for playground in North Unley.

4.   Evangelisation
a.  Guest Speaker at  RC  Stirling on 22 May.
b.  Booked as speaker at RC Morphett Vale on 7 September.
c.  Attending next Zone Presidents meeting for Onkaparinga region.
d.  RC McLaren Vale arranging. Date  TBC.
e.  Planning story in next DG newsletter and ongoing presence in Classifieds.
f.  Planning to write directly to Councils with 14 or more playgrounds. (29 out of 64 Councils).
g.  Reluctant to push for more marketing as I am running out of physical capacity to process the enquiries
and proposals. Focus to remain on Councils, as there is not currently capacity within the project for
schools and play centres.
h.  Propose a meeting with incoming DG Paul Thomas (a former Mayor of the Copper Cast Council) to seek his
support and advocacy among local governments.
Karen Nolan, Director, International/Youth/ Rotary Foundation
Thanked her committee for their work over the last year.
  • Birthing Kits
Getting it together.  Will prepare 200 on a Friday night.  Will request another 200 from the Board.  Rod offered the large sitting room at Life Style where he lives and to put up notices for the other residents who may like to be involved.
  • AllKids
​​​​​​​Have been given a donation from the club.
Motion:  That the club  sponsor a little girl for a monthly donation.
Proposed:  Rod Cooper
Seconded: Shawn Hutchinson
All in favour.  Motion carried.
Treasurer, Rod Cooper
Has received 40% of membership dues.
Has received 32 acceptances for the change over breakfast.  Please RSVP ASAP so that numbers can be given to the Barker Hotel. 
Sergeant Ian Rose:   Once again managed to get blood out of stone.
Combined Board meeting for incoming and outgoing directors at the home of President James and Judy, Saturday, 16th July at 6.15 pm. 
President James closed the meeting  with the following quotes:
"Sit with winners.  The conversation is different."
"I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone on the water to create many ripples."
Thanks to Judy Hawker for her excellent scribing for this Bulletin.


Rotarian  Dr Angie Shafei  is Director of Healthcare Management Programs at Flinders University

Rotarian Dr Luc Mulimbalimba is the founder of MHCD, a small group of volunteers based in Australia passionate about helping the people of DR Congo, primarily through supporting the work of Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD)
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by Howard Vineyard.
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by the Royal Adelaide Show.
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by Sophie's Garden.
Secretary email:
Apologies and Visitors/Guests to:  Mary Roebuck  Mob:  0412 808 444