District Governor 9510 Jeff Neale Area Governor (Group 10) Shiralee Judge
  Club President James Hawker Club Immediate Past President Shawn Hutchinson
Club President Elect Karen Nolan Club Secretary Florence Yeardley 
Meeting Monday, 16/05/2022
Meeting Number 2578
The RC Mt Barker meets every Monday evening from 6.30-8.00 pm at
Auchendorroch House, 17 Adelaide Rd, Mt Barker
Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta 
Sergeant at Arms:  Ian Rose
Invocation:   Carola Sanders
Loyal Toast :  Mike McDonald
COVID Marshall:  Ian Rose
President, James Hawker
Opened the meeting, welcomed Rotarians, and guests  Justin Hill,  Judy Hawker (Hungry No More) and Julie Cranswick (ROSTRUM). 
  • The club change over breakfast is on Saturday, the 25th June from 0900 at the Barker Hotel, Gawler Street.
  • DG Jeff Neale forwarded the Oceania April newsletter.
  • The Environmental Sustainability Group launched the Club Carbon Calculator.  This drew attention to our own carbon footprint e.g.  driving to Rotary.
  • The Clay Pigeon Shoot will be held on June 4th.  Details to be advised.   An update will be forwarded to all. 
  • Karen Nolan proposed that Mark Clemow be accepted as President Nominee.  Seconded by Jack Cooper.  ALL IN FAVOUR.  MOTION PASSED.
Guest speaker, Julie Cranswick, ROSTRUM
  • Judy is a member of Rostrum, a public speaking organization that has existed for 80 years and is also part of the Voice of Youth programme which develops the public speaking skills of young people.
  • Their ethos is ‘Think truly, speak clearly and do not be silent when we ought to speak’.
  • Developing speaking skills boosts confidence.
  • Rostrum founded the Voice of Youth programme which is involved in schools.
  • Speaking events are held in which the participants choose their own subjects.
  • A competition follows where the students in years 7 – 9 speak for 6 minutes and years 10 – 12 for 8 minutes. They are then required to speak for 3 minutes on a topic given to them, with 15 minutes to prepare the talk.
  • Judy is often overawed by the quality of the young people and the issues that concern them.
  • The competition final this year is at Emmanuel College and we are all welcome to attend.
  • Training and advice is given to speakers, young and old, to enable them to improve this vital communication skill.
  • Both Rostrum and Voice of Youth require funding.
Judy was introduced by chair, Jack Cooper. 
A most interesting and informative presentation by Judy. Following her President James presented a  donation  from the club to assist  her organization.
Community Service and Fundraising Director, Peter Baur
  • Mt Barker Science Fair was held last Sunday.  Thanks to Dave Gillies, Lynne Sowerby, Rod Cooper, Mark Clemow and Jo Geue for their assistance.
  • Red Shiled Appeal Bunnings BBQ is on the 21st May.  The roster is full. 
  • Birdwood Farm Day on Sat 22nd May.  Roster full. 
  • Mt Barker Athletics Club bbq on Sunday 24th May- still unaware of details.
  • Playground dismantling- Edinburgh Reserve, Modbury, week commencing 23rd May.
  • Still looking for playground coders to assist Ric and Kathy.
  • McLaren Vale fundraiser - 1 kg can of coffee available.  Orders to peter Baur.
President Elect, Karen Nolan
  •  Attended one of the VIP 2 day trips to Operation Flinders at the previous week-end.  She spoke of her experience and was most impressed by the size of the organization, its facilities, especially the new ‘high ropes’ apparatus that she did not venture on. Overall a most worthwhile week-end.
  • Karen reminded us that the changeover will be a breakfast event at 9am on 25th June at the Barker Hotel, Mount Barker.
  • Next week the speakers will be 2 students who attended the National Youth Science Forum.
Boarding the corporate plane for Op Flinders VIP weekend.
The another hour on the jolting bus from Leigh Creek to Yankannina.
The High Ropes in action.
A mud map of the camps at the Operations Centre.  This is the Rotary camp!
Recognise  our dedicated driver?  It's our very own honorary member, Andy Byrne.
Watching the Abseiling.
Chris Cleveland, Acting Vocational Service Director
Chris is  the temporary membership/vocational service  chair while Jack Newton is involved in the upcoming Federal election.
Chris proposed a social event on Steamranger. Mount Barker to Victor Harbor and return with lunch, to be held in August.
The Steam Ranger's journey commences from Mount Barker station.  
Leaving Mt Barker mid morning, the train first climbs up to the crest of the line and then winds down the eastern escarpment of the southern Mt Lofty Ranges, passing through several long abandoned station sites which bear testimony to the importance of this branch line a century ago.
Upcoming Speakers for the next 2 months
Jul 04, 2022
Club Photos and Member Photos
Jul 18, 2022 6:30 PM
Wine Tasting
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Upcoming Events for the Next 3 Months
Hungry No More
Mount Barker Uniting Church
Jul 10, 2022
5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Committees / Board Meeting
Jul 11, 2022
Bunnings BBQ
Jul 23, 2022
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Joint Conquer the Summit Meeting with Mount Barker
Jul 27, 2022
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Aug 08, 2022
SteamRanger Excursion
Aug 21, 2022
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What is RYLA?
RYLA is a 7-day residential leadership seminar. Young adults keen to exercise their leadership potential participate in a range of formal and informal activities, which promote leadership skills as desirable qualities.
Activities Awardees will be supported and encouraged through :  Guest Speakers  Forums  Seminar Sessions  Team Building  Problem Solving  Sport & Recreation
RYLA incorporates guest speakers who cover a diverse array of topics including public speaking, conflict resolution, ethics, living your passions, goal setting, self-defence, volunteering & leadership. The week incorporates a lot of self-development through a variety of mechanisms including reflection (individually and as a team), team work, sports and outdoor activities, dancing, and many others.
RYLA will provide the opportunity for awardees to make a lot of new friends. RYLA will challenge awardees and test them, but a lot of fun will be had at the same time.
Skills Through these activities, awardees will learn and reinforce valuable leadership skills, including but not limited to:  Public Speaking  Self Confidence  Presentation  Conflict Resolution  Corporate and Social Ethics  Creative Thinking  Problem Solving  Team Building  Being a valuable Team Member  Goal Setting  Building
Relationships RYLA's focus is on assisting young people to develop their abilities as leaders, and to encourage them to reach their full potential as valuable members of society. Participants can seize the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and problem-solving skills, can practice new behaviours, forge life-long friends and challenge their personal belief systems and values.
Who is Eligible? RYLA is open to young people aged 18 to 25 years with an ambition to improve their leadership skills.
Sergeant Ian Rose:  then took our money and told us one of his jokes – where does he get them from ?
Ann and Peter Baur on duty at the last of Sophie's Open  Garden.
The parking team:  L-R Justin Hill, Rod Cooper, Margaret Rose, Ian Rose.
Our own President James.
Just look at that excellent parking! 
President Nominee, Mark Clemow and charming assistant.
Chris Cleveland on dry land for once. Can he park a car as well as a boat?
President James closed the meeting at 7:50 pm with the following quote:
‘If you are going through hell, keep on going.’
Winston Churchill.
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did."
Mark Twain


Rotarian  Dr Angie Shafei  is Director of Healthcare Management Programs at Flinders University

Rotarian Dr Luc Mulimbalimba is the founder of MHCD, a small group of volunteers based in Australia passionate about helping the people of DR Congo, primarily through supporting the work of Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD)
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by Howard Vineyard.
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by the Royal Adelaide Show.
The RC Mt Barker is sponsored by Sophie's Garden.
Secretary email:
Apologies and Visitors/Guests to:  Mary Roebuck  Mob:  0412 808 444