District Governor 9510: Paul Thomas Area Governor (Group 10): Shiralee Judge
Club President: Karen Nolan Club Immediate Past President: James Hawker
Club President Elect: Mark Clemow  Club Secretary: Penni Taylor
Mount Barker: fast growing and exciting.  Photo by Tim Thorpe,
Meeting No. 2593
Monday, 19/09/2022
President Karen 
  • Welcomed Rotarians and guests, Brian Gett, guest speaker, Det Voges and Marg Inglis, Friends of Rotary Area Governor, Shiralee Judge and  Kate Hicks. 
  • Karen welcomed back Ric and Kathy Horn from holidays. 
Guest Speaker
Brian Gett - Advanced care directives
  • Brian has personal reasons for being passionate about ACD's as his wife died from early onset Alzheimer's and she knew what her end of life entailed.
  • Did you know that you can fill in details of where to find your ACD  in your Emergency Medical Information Book?
  • The only legal section of the ACD is the Binding Medical Refusal where your wishes regarding resuscitation.
  • Choose the correct person who will stick with what you want to enact the ACD when the time comes.  It does not have to be a family member.
  • Have the discussion early as you must be of sound mind.
  • People can change their mind so the ACD needs to be reviewed form time to time.
Peter Schaefer, Community Service
  • Peter has brought in a box which can be folded down into a shoe box. 
  • Fill it up with items from a preset list of things “How to Pack a Shoebox” and return to Peter. 
  • The coordination is being run by a church organisation. 
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President Karen:  President Karen thanked all for attending and wished Justin well on next week's RYLA camp.
Meeting finished early due to the queen's funeral 
Next Meeting : Monday, 26th of September

Rotarian  Dr Angie Shafei  is Director of Healthcare Management Programs at Flinders University


Rotarian Dr Luc Mulimbalimba is the founder of MHCD, a small group of volunteers based in Australia passionate about helping the people of DR Congo, primarily through supporting the work of Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD)

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