Rotarian James Anthony Kane PHFIt was with very deep regret and sadness that we were informed of the death of our dearly beloved Member and Friend, Jimmy Kane. Jim passed away last Monday evening 3rd October 2016. He will be greatly missed by the Club and by his Rotarian friends.
From: The Rotary Eulogy for Jimmy Kane by Club President Jason Gowers (7th October 2016)
"It is with a heavy heart but my absolute honour to be asked to talk here today to help remember and celebrate the life of Jimmy Kane the Rotarian.  We are all saddened by the loss of a great friend, mentor and all round nice guy.
To Jimmy’s family, we extend to you our hand of enduring friendship through the family of rotary International.  We are proud of what Jimmy has done for our club, and prouder still to have had the chance to really know Jimmy and have him in our lives. 
I feel that I’ve only known Jimmy but a blip of his Rotary life, and one tenth of a blip of the whole James Kane story.  But he has left his mark on me, and many of the Rotarians past and present and his selfless example will leave an enduring memory of his legacy to our club.
For those that knew Jimmy well, he was a gentle man and a giving man. He was a happy and loving man.  A humanitarian that thoroughly enjoyed helping his community.  Jimmy wanted to leave this world a better place than when he arrived.  Jimmy was a true Rotarian.
On November 7th 1972, nominated by Rotarian Bob Hollick, Jimmy joined the Rotary Club of Irymple when we were just one-year-old.  Jimmy has been a valued contributor to the many wonderful things our club has achieved in each of those 44 years of his selfless service.
In 1978, on a night in June, change over saw a past Rotarian Brian Gambetta hand over the reins of Rotary President to our mate Jimmy, with the theme ‘A star is born’.  
Jimmy’s Rotary life extended well and truly beyond his year as president.  In the Rotary Club of Irymple, the highest honour you we can bestow on a fellow Rotarian for their tireless and exceptional work of "Service above Self" is that of a Paul Harris Fellow.  In 1988 Rotarian Jimmy Kane was presented with his Paul Harris Fellow by President Gordon Trinne.
My favourite Rotary memory, and I was only just reminded of it this last weekend while cooking at Meringur, was my first year in Rotary and I was paired with Jimmy on the BBQ at Meringur… the “A Team”.  We turned sausages and talked for hours. I learnt more about that man in two hours on a BBQ than I could have ever hoped.  His history so rich in details, good and challenging and he pushed through it all with a smile from ear to ear. 
Jimmy has always been very supportive of my Rotary journey and would always go out of his way to pat me on the back for a job well done. 
Perhaps the nicest memory is all those years our mate Jimmy dressed up as Santa Claus for the Rotary Christmas party.  Sitting there in 40 degree heat dressed up in red and white polyester, the only person smiling more than the kids on his knee was Jimmy.
On behalf of your mates at Rotary and for one last time, I present you Jimmy with your dinner plaque.
Jimmy you were the true gentle gentleman of Rotary and our Little Mate ….  Today and forever by the fruits of your tireless work we will remember you.
Goodbye Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow, Jimmy Kane - You will be missed."