It was with very deep regret and sadness that we were informed of the death of our dearly beloved Member and Friend, Garry Cooper. Garry passed away last Wednesday 5th October, 2016. He will be greatly missed by the Club and by his Rotarian friends.

Those who are new to the club will only remember Garry for his gradual declining health. To those who knew him for a longer period he was:

  • A long-time member of the Club - some 20 years of service.
  • A quiet, honest, unassuming member of the Club.
  • Always there when the call went out for volunteers for working bees.
  • Always there with a big smile.
  • Above all else, he was a team player.

For all of these qualities he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow in 2013.

There are 4 main passions that I saw in Garry.

1.     A passion for his late wife Deidre and their family,

2.     A passion for motor cars - especially making them go faster,

3.     A passion for his subsequent partner Gail,

4.     A passion for bike riding.

Garry joined the Bike group when he was much stronger. He rode his first Murray to Moyne in 2000, which was the worst on record for inclement weather. He rode at least another 14 Murray to Moyne events plus at least 12 Port to Port events.

Garry was nominated for the Graham Woodruff Medal and received the honour at a special presentation at the Bupa Accommodation in 2014.

Garry was an active supporter of the bike team and encouraged all of the new riders and those not as strong as himself. He was generous with his advice, his knowledge and his mechanical skills, especially if it meant that someone new would continue their involvement in the bike team. It was not uncommon for Garry to give a helping push if a rider was struggling up a hill.

A few years ago, Garry developed a slow and debilitating illness which meant that he could no longer ride his bike. But he still supported the team in any way he could.

Garry continued to attend Rotary meetings with the unselfish and constant support of Robert Metcalfe to the very end.

The Club is considerably poorer without him. He was our good friend, and we will miss him very much.