The greatest honor the Rotary Club of Irymple can bestow upon a fellow member is the awarding of a Paul Harris fellowship. In our club, and Paul Harris Fellowship cannot be purchased …. It is earnt through years of service above self. The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow is our way of expressing our appreciation for a substantial contribution to humanitarian, educational, youth and community programs.
It is important to point out that this recognition extends beyond the bounds of rotary and looks into a lifetime of service above self in all avenues of life.  Paul Harris Fellows understand that they want to leave this world better than they found it.
At our Club Meeting on Tuesday 6th September, President Jason Gowers introduced Neil Hammerton to join the ranks of other Rotarians who have been rewarded. 
In making the presentation Jason said that Neil is recognized by his peers at the Rotary club of Irymple for his tireless service for our club and to our community.
“For those that know him,” Jason said, “Neil is a quick witted man with an interesting past. Many of us know of Neil’s involvement with scouts over many years, but you may not know that Neil:
  • Was inducted as a life member into Gang Show for his tireless work,
  • Was once a long haired biker who owned a purple suit,
  • Was involved with a youth group coffee and pancake shop,
  • Was a drummer in a band for the youth group, and played at dances all around the district,
  • Is an avid bushwalker and cyclist?”
Neil joined Irymple Rotary April 20 2004, and has since been a valuable member of our Club.  Neil has been actively involved with the cycling team and has always been a “go-to member” in times of need.
President Jason presented Neil with his PHF medal and said “Neil, you are a quiet achiever, but your achievements have been noticed by your peers.  I invite you Neil to come forward in front of your friends and family to Receive this Paul Harris Fellowship. Ladies and gentlemen, can you please raise your glasses.  To our new Paul Harris Fellow, Neil Hammerton.”