Good Evening Members and Guests
Some of you may be wondering why you’re dressed up, why you have been entertained with hits from the past.  Why with what is typically such a formal night I am one step away from wearing leather chaps, why we are going back to the future?
Well as Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future”. 
I believe the path forward in making our rotary club both fun and successful is in looking at what has made the club strong in the past.  We need to enjoy what we are doing and who we are doing it with.

My theme for this year at Rotary therefore is simply “make it fun”.  My focus for my year as president is to bring fun, enjoyment and fellowship back into everything we do.  Every function, every bbq, every meeting has an element of fun and fellowship.  I want people to leave our get-togethers with a smile on their face and for onlookers to be asking ‘how do I get some of that?’ 
Rotary life isn’t just to be endured, it is to be enjoyed.
My ultimate goal for each of you is to have at least one of your most memorable Rotary moments to occur during my year as president. So stay tuned for a year that hopefully goes down in the history books for good reasons …
I am rather proud as tonight marks a generational change.   As many of you are aware our chairman for this evening is Col, my father.  Together we are the Rotary club of Irymple’s first father and son members and to add to that we are now the first father and son Presidents.  For those of you that know Col you would know he has never been short of a joke, an expertly timed one liner or dad joke that just makes you cringe.  I am pleased to announce that as the apple doesn’t always fall far from the tree, you will have to put up with my sense of humour.
In following my father’s footsteps, and the footsteps of all the Past Presidents and Rotarians. I am excited to be at the helm of our club and to work with you all to make our clubs successful.
The Rotary International theme for this year is ‘Rotary serving humanity’. 
Each of us joins the greater Rotarian community for our own reasons.  Each of us have unique skill sets, unique thoughts and different levels of drive.  Each of us can do a little bit to help those around us.  Through the massive machine that is Rotary everyone’s little bit becomes a huge bit.

I am a fan of the old Greek proverb ‘A society grows when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit under”.  Through each and every one of us planting the seeds for small things eventually we can achieve many great things, if not for us, but for our children, grand children and beyond. 
With this in mind, we can all serve humanity in everything we do.