Posted on Jan 01, 2020
PrizesRotary Club of Blackwood Raffle Prize Value Ticket #Name
   $ Number 
1st PrizeBBQ 4 Burner Hooded on Trolley           200.001280Claudia Limsden
2Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service Voucher            300.00870Kate Chamston
3Assorted pet products and food           180.001069Shirley Margain
4Gift Basket of beauty/health products           160.00954W. Huizink
5Gift Basket of beauty/health products           160.00316Kirsty O'Neil
6Desk Lamp           125.00625Marlene Davenport
7Handbag           100.001812Brian Soles
8Urban Spirit Hair Design -Voucher           100.002110J. Simpson
9Gift Basket of beauty/health products             85.001601Rae
10Handbag -blue Leather             85.001453Mark Butcher
11Gift Basket -Basket, water jug, tray, various             85.001823Patricia De Lahoy
12Car wash - to the value of $75             75.001930Jill
13Car wash - to the value of $75             75.00196Fraser Mackey
14Snazzi Boutique Gift Voucher             75.00701Tracey Edwards
15 Handbag-blue leather             65.00603J. Geer
16Flowers/plant & 2012 Shiraz             60.00956L. Muller
17Meal Voucher - Aroy Thai Blackwood             50.002364Carmel Somerfor
18Meal Voucher - Belair Hotel             50.0017P. Geer
19Blackwood Hire voucher             50.00572Deb Reynolds
20Blackwood Hire voucher             50.002105Jasmine Magorey
21CIBA Hair & Beauty -Voucher             50.001599Peter Hughes
22Wish Gift Card             50.0078C. Mackey
23Lacquer Nail Lounge Blackwood Voucher             45.002167Natalie Mattschoss
24The Gourmet on Main -Gift Basket             45.002240Tom Philbey
251923 Café Blackwood - Voucher             40.001326Trish Bojko
26Karkoo Nursery - Voucher             40.00214Godfrey
27Lisbon Iced Tea Jug             40.001718Julie Rengie
28The Fishman Voucher             40.00965P. Eldridge
29Blackwood Butchers - Meat Tray             35.001493Nat Venning
30Fairley's  Shoez Blackwood - Voucher             30.00419Don Venus
31Montagna Café - Voucher             30.001276Sue Pfeiffer
32Sitting Pretty - Voucher             30.001529Charlie Hetch
33Yangtze Chinese Restraunt - Voucher             30.0028Lynn Muller
34Yangtze Chinese Restraunt - Voucher             30.001056Silvana
35Yangtze Chinese Restraunt - Voucher             30.001717Tom Welsh
36Hillbilly's Café   Voucher             25.001269Fraser
37The Little Leaf and Bean - Voucher             25.001451Patricia Delahoy
38United Chemist Belair - Voucher             25.002113Kathy Murray
39United Chemist Belair - Voucher             25.00980Jan Porter
40United Chemist Belair - Voucher             25.00104Julie O'Neil
41United Chemist Belair - Voucher             25.00570Sean Reetz
42Wagon Wheel - Voucher             25.001882Alex Porter
43Sports bag and water bottle             20.00897Justine Mustard
44Sports bag and water bottle             20.001927J. King
45Blackwood Books - Voucher             20.00101Trish Bojko
46Florence & Sage - Voucher             20.00833Mark Harris
47Weaved Bag  w/chocolates             20.00739K. Marsh
48The Perfect Note Café Voucher             20.002103Sue Thomson
49Steeple Jack Shiraz  1.5l             15.001801Joan Cudd
50Pepper & Corn - Voucher             14.00287Jean
51Shalimar - Voucher             13.00935L. Muller
52Serafino Shiraz 2012             12.001677J. Simpson
53Serafino Shiraz 2014             12.002342J. Furstenrecht
54Blackwood Pizza - Voucher             10.001278Tracey Edwards
55Café Belair - Voucher             10.00648Imogen Berkinshaw
56The Little Leaf and Bean - Voucher             10.001554Don Venus
57Tempered Glass Lazy Susan             10.001816Andrew Riddle