Rotarian Wendy Keen and Friend of Rotary, Rosalie Crosby, traveled to Mexico in January to visit the jungle school in Christo Rei just outside Playa del Carmen to deliver school supplies and first aid kits. 
Dartmouth East Rotary Club held a yard sale in the spring of 2015 and the proceeds went to adopt a classroom at the school which is also a hurricane centre in the event of evacuation for the surrounding communities. 
The picture is of Rotarian Wendy and school Principal Anton celebrating the visit.The school will be celebrating Canada Day on July 1. The teachers have to purchase their own school supplies and they each received a bag full of markers, pencils, pens, books, calendars, dictionaries and paper for the year. 
If anyone would like to join us for the trip next year or donate some school supplies please let Wendy know. The teachers would like to have band aids with the cloth backing(due to the humidity) and polysporin/antibiotic cream for insect bites. Shoes would be good too as there are many snakes in the jungle that make their way into the classrooms.