Visiting Members of the Townsville Grammar School Interact Club
with  Mundingburra Rotary President Shane Smith
and Past District Governor Robert Tardaini
Three students from the Townsville Grammar School’s Interact Club attended our meeting and provided a wonderful overview of the work they are doing as students to build a good community support base for various projects they are undertaking.
They do various projects to fund raise so they can assist with a number of activities to support vulnerable and needy people. They are also working on how to assist young people in Timor Leste (one of our close neighbours to Australia). One upcoming fundraiser will involve a Car Wash event, which many of our Rotary Club members have agreed to also attend and pay for a wash as many mentioned they hadn’t been too busy to wash their own vehicles.
Presentations were given by the Interact Club President, the Interact Treasurer, and one other, outlining the work they are doing.
As possible future leaders of our community, it was gratifying to see that our youth have the community at mind at this incredibly young stage in life.
Out thanks to the teacher who accompanied them to our meeting, and also to the students themselves for sharing personal time with us.