Rotary Clubs are community based organisations working under the umbrella of Rotary International based in Chicago, which started in February 1905. The purpose of Rotary is aligned with helping to improve the world, locally, Nationally & World Wide by uniting people in their community.
It was originally very much a Club for professional people, and only male orientated, however this  changed some years ago, and clubs now are generally made up of professional  and retired members, and open to both Male and Females and people of all skills. Want to know more? read on below.
 Our club, the Rotary Club of Mundingburra, has 33% female members, and a good mix of both employed and retired members.
Whilst the aim is always to see how a club can assist the community at large, you will find the friendship excellent and meet an excellent arrange of people.
The list of groups and people we have assisted both locally and overseas is long, and it’s not about you being asked to put your hand in your pocket as we do a lot of fundraising to cover costs.
Additionally, anywhere in the world that you travel to, you, and you partner, will always be welcome to attend a Rotary meeting in the local area as a visiting Rotarian.
For people interested in helping the community by becoming a Rotarian, you are welcome to come to one or more of the Rotary Club of Mundingburra  meetings, and get a feel for what we do, its not political, or religion based. As a starter you might enjoy having a look at the Rotary Web page , or view one of the YouTube video’s that are linked below that provide some more interesting and a side to Rotary, from todays public might think, to what we really do.
Rotary International front Page
Rotary Provides Water, Sanitation & Hygiene