The annual Hinchinbrook/Mundingburra Cane Knife Debate was held at Ingham on Wednesday  night 12th May with 22 Mundingburra Rotarians going north in a Bus for the fun night.
The debate is a fun night, and as usual had a few anchors thrown around. The actual Cane Knife has been stolen (misplaced we understand) by another Club, which lead to Hinchinbrook President initially refusing to allow the visiting team to have a meal until the original knife was returned. Naturally it was only part of the friendly banter and theatre for the night.
The debate was clearly won by Mundingburra, who naturally had a non biased view, however the final decision went to the Hinchinbrook Club as the winners for the night.
The combined Hinchinbrook and Mundingburra debate teams. 
Thanks to Hinchinbrook for a great night of fellowship.