At a recent meeting of the Mundingburra Rotary Club, members were presented with a very important health message on Stroke Management, by Ian Meade from the Townsville University Hospital.

Ian explained the difference types of strokes, and outlined the F.A.S.T concept to help identify a person who may be having a stroke
and the importance of getting prompt medical assistance for the person.

F.A.S.T is, Face, Arms, Speech, Time,
Three important factors which maybe indicators of a stroke and the need to get medical action quickly.

FACE - Has their mouth drooped?
ARMS – Can they lift both arms?
SPEECH- Is their speech slurred? Can they understand you?
TIME – Getting prompt medical assistance is crucial for someone having a stroke.

A stroke is always a medical emergency. The longer a stroke remains untreated, the greater the chance of stroke-related brain damage.

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