For the 30 years, the Mundingburra Rotary Club has held a special event to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. It’s a very social night with members, and lots of friends, dressing up, and hoping to maybe share in any Cup Raffles.
The major event of the night is our very special Tony Wode, and very well known local race caller, who has made this a special night for us every year with a fantastic phantom race call. His ability to put  everyone in the mood, and make them feel they are actually at the race, which was not being held for a number of days later, is beyond belief. His excited call is so well done, the cheering and suspense has everyone joining in and enjoying the night. He is brilliant.
Tony is an Honorary Member of our club, and has been for a number of years, and in appreciation of his 30 years of helping our club  with this event, the club had our President, Shane Smith, present him with a Paul Harris award.  The Paul Harris award allows clubs to donate $1,000 US to the Rotary Foundation on a person’s behalf. This money is then used to assist humanity projects around the world.
Paul Harris was a founder of Rotary International and it is a very special award for a club to make to a person. Tony’s commitment to community values was also highlighted with a decision he made 30 years ago, which he still applies today, that our donation to him is forwarded to the City OF Townsville Christmas fundraiser for needy people.