Past District Governor presenting Certificates of thanks to Glen and Andrea
Our thanks to the wonderful ambassadors from AAIC (Australian Anti ICE Campaign) for spending a few hours at night with our club to share the issue of the power of just one trial of ICE can do to hook people of all ages into a life of hell.
AAIC is primarily concerned with addressing the dangers with school children, however the message is very clear that regardless of age, this drug is something that no body should try even once.
Once you learn of (a) what chemicals often go into this evil drug – Main drain cleaner, and house dangerous chemical, (b) the way it links to the brain and takes over your ability to control yourself, you have to ask why would anyone use it.
Peer pressure and often false statements of how it can help you in difficult times, or to loose weight, are all things to avoid.
And to hear from a person who was an addict, and learn what happened to her life, and especially what she ended up having to do to fund her addiction, you really see that this product is one to avoid at all costs.
For people not able to attend the meeting, or maybe are reading this page from elsewhere, have a look at the two videos on the AAIC web page, the information will most likely shock you as it did to us attending the presentation.
The message needs to be spread far and wide to try and put a stop to innocent people making snap decision from false information, that will later create havoc for your body, your mind, your relationships with family and friends, and most likely will end us with you having a criminal record or loss of life.
Thanks to Glen and Andrea for a real understanding of this terrible drug,