A wonderful presentation by Brendan Sprag, a Psychologist, and Director of 2B Psychology Practice, on happiness and how you might relate to various life events. His comments provoked a lot of interesting thoughts about life and the way we might judge things.
Brendon’s presentation included a number of searching questions about what happiness means to members of the audience and gauging happiness on a scale of 1 to 10. He spoke about his work and how he spends his leisure time in our city. He also spoke about the events that have impacted on the lives of Australians during the past 18 months (include some close to home) such as the 2019 floods, bush fires and the shortage of toilet paper. He read a poem that he wrote following completion of one years work at Stuart Creek Prison. He told a story about the range of emotions he experiences during his cycle rides around our city. Allan Nelson thanked Brendon for his most interesting and topical presentation.