Community Service
The Director of Community Service is responsible to oversee the allocation of charitable funds to local community projects and causes, and to coordinate hands-on activities in the local community.
The annual budget for community service is set at the start of the year, and includes an allocation for ongoing community projects (Dumfries Conservation Area development is one example), and a second allocation for funds to be disbursed on an as-needed basis by the charitable services committee.
Historically, the specific jobs have been:
  1. To oversee the smooth functioning and regular meeting of the charitable services committee.  That includes monitoring the state of the charitable services budget and communicating regularly with the chair of the charitable services committee.
  2. To assign a chairperson and committee members to each ongoing community project.
  3. To schedule and organize (or have committee chairs organize) at least two hands-on community activities during the year.  This would normally include at least one environmental project, such as a park cleanup or tree planting.
  4. To identify community causes needing our support through the year, to act as a liaison to the board and general membership, and to recommend any supporting funding to the charitable services committee chair.
  5. To act as a liaison to the local press, including issuing press releases on significant activities.