Member’s Guide to Thanksgiving Roses 2020
Without our other fundraisers, the club really needs Thanksgiving Roses 2020 to succeed.  The Rotary Run, Golf Tourney, and Best Bites have all been cancelled, so let’s focus our efforts into the one proven fundraiser that we can still run in 2020.  We need all members to do their part selling and delivering.
For your sales status, click here.
The Roses Committee has had to simplify the process this year, to reduce uncertainty and financial risk and also to make it more manageable.  Please take note of these changes:
All Orders Online - There will be no paper tickets.  All orders will have to be entered at Normal payment will be online, by credit card.  But members can still use a coupon code to enter without paying, for later invoicing.  The coupon code will be discussed at meetings and emailed out to members.  We can’t put it here because this is a public web page.
Strict Order Deadline – Orders must be entered by 5pm on Sept.13.  Roses are a perishable product shipped from South America.  They are not sitting around in warehouses, ready for our supplier to make last-minute adjustments.  At the same time, the pandemic has strained the supply lines, requiring longer lead times.  Lastly, we just don’t know how membership engagement and customer situations will affect order quantities.  We can’t afford to order extra roses, speculating that we can sell them.  Net result: we will be making a single firm order.
Members Deliver Their Own Sales – Members are expected to deliver their own sales.  The Roses Committee will not be sorting sales or creating delivery routes.  We have created a list of volunteers for each delivery day, linked here.  Get in touch directly with a volunteer to arrange a delivery, or you can trade off deliveries with other members.  Totally up to you, but the bottom line is that you are responsible to make sure your sales get to the buyer.
Three Delivery Days – In past years, Friday has always been a difficult delivery day.  The number of orders is not huge but nobody wants to deliver on Friday.  So this year we are limiting delivery to three days.  You will also see that there is no duplication of cities, which means that buyers won’t have a choice of date.  If a delivery is in Cambridge then it is assumed to be on Wednesday.
  • Tuesday, Oct.6 – Kitchener/Waterloo
  • Wednesday, Oct.7 – Cambridge
  • Thursday, Oct.8 – Guelph/Ayr
Since the delivery is on you, you can choose to deliver an order on a different day.  Our supplier receives the roses in bulk and packages them by hand, and they anticipate the volume that we tell them for each day.  Normally they will have enough packages ready to allow some shifting between delivery days, but if you are going to move many roses to a different day, please contact Lisa at or 519-621-5210.
Other aspects of the campaign remain the same:
Email Todd or Mike with any questions.