POD Responsibilities
With the exception of the President and the Bulletin Editors, every member is part of a POD that must periodically run the weekly meetings.  The active POD changes each month.
POD Captain
  1. Ensure all team members will be in attendance
  2. Get a copy of the bio for the guest speaker, off of Clubrunner
  3. Assign a team member to introduce the guest speaker
  4. Assign a team member to thank the guest speaker
  5. Make sure the meeting is set up with projector, screen, laptop, podium, 50/50 tickets and name tags
POD Team Members
  1. Attend all meetings in the month, where you are assigned to the POD.
  2. If unable to attend, find a replacement for your position, and notify the Captain
  3. Take one of the following roles.
  A) Sergeant-at-Arms
    B) sell 50/50 tickets
    C) Introduce the guest speaker
    D) Thank the guest speaker