How to Propose a New Member
Know a person that would be a good fit and addition to our Rotary Club? 
A few things to consider about your proposed member before introducing them to the club:
  • Ensure they will be comfortable with both cost and time commitments
  • Their belief in the “Service Above Self” mindset
  • Are they a team player?
  • Do they have strong ethical and moral principles?
Once you are sure that the prospective member would be a good addition to the club bring them to a meeting and introduce them to the group. The Rotary Club covers lunch.
At the end of the meeting, follow-up with your guest and ensure they are interested. If so, bring them to another meeting and introduce them to Kaylee Wood or Jim Johnston. We will try and answer any questions they may have. They should continue to attend meetings and encourage them to sit at a different table every week to meet as many members as possible, to ask questions and feel more comfortable within the club. 
After a few meetings, Kaylee and/or Jim will set up an individual meeting to discuss expectations, answer questions and review costs. 
  1. Identify someone who would benefit, enjoy and contribute as a member
  2. Bring them to a meeting and confirm your assessment and their interest
  3. Introduce them to Kaylee or Jim as a prospective member
BAZINGA!! No smoke, No mirrors, No secret handshakes you are on your way!!
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Jim Johnston
Kaylee Wood
Noah Jensen
Todd Lyons