Oct 29, 2020
Club Meeting / Tiffany Martin
Halloween + "My Rotary Moment"

Tiffany Martin

Owner of Travelling Pint, Tiffany is a world traveller, social media expert, hopportunist and beer lover.  Her travels have taken her to Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Mexico and the Dominican Republic as well as throughout Canada and the US. She has goals of visiting the unique beer scenes of Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Germany and Japan and that list will, in all likelihood, continue to expand. As Tiffany puts it: ”I haven’t drank everywhere but it’s on my list.”


Tiffany loves sharing and teaching through her stories and always supports local wherever she is.  She encourages people to drink better beer, drink local and be a part of the community. Tiffany and her husband, Bernie, live in Paris with their two dogs, Avalanche and Bowie.


You can find out more about Tiffany at www.thetravellingpint.com.