Sep 24, 2020
Cheryl Schiller
The Health Benefits of CBD

Bio:  Cheryl Schiller - Cannabis Specialist

Cheryl has always been a passionate person to follow and marches to the beat of her own drum.


Cheryl has been using natural healing techniques for over 10 yrs.  When Cannabis became legal in Canada, Cheryl knew she needed to somehow get involved in the movement.  After learning about a cannabis coaching course, she decided to dive in and take the steps to make her passion a reality! 


Over the past year Cheryl has completed her Cannabis guide/educator program and has been working with clients to help guide them with their use of cannabis for both health and recreational purposes.  She hosts presentations to educate people on how and why cannabis works in our bodies medicinal. She also regularly hosts D.I.Y. edible, tincture and cream parties!


Cheryl is looking forward to hosting her first Canna-Wellness retreat this spring!  She has recently been asked to join one of the Region’s new recreational stores and continues to grow in this exciting and quickly evolving industry.