Apr 26, 2018
Alvin Salfarlie
Security Coordinator at Pearson International Airport

Will speak on the responsibility of keeping passengers, employees and aircraft safe at Toronto Pearson Airport

A graduate of the Royal Grenada Police Academy with specialized military training from JFK Special Warfare School and Training Centre, Fort Bragg, NC and service with the Royal Canadian Armey Forces as a reservist.

Currently is a Security Coordinator with the Greater Toronto Airports. In this role I oversee the daily activities related to security of passenger, employees and aircraft movements as the Security Official and Subject Matter Expert for Toronto Pearson.

Responsibilities includes but not limited to:

 Explosive Detection – oversee detection, investigation and disposal of explosive materials

Airport Seurity Over sight -  coordinate the detection, prevention, response to, and recovery plans associated with acts of unlawful interference to civil aviation.

Liaises with Police, Transport Canada, and other security partners in events associated with security events.