Feb 20, 2020
Bob Skura
Inform & Improve through Books

The Human Super-Organism, The Planet Paradox & The End of Alzheimers

Bob Skura’s Bio


Bob Skura, is an author, retired businessman, researcher, story-teller and high-caliber golfer. He has an ability to turn academic data on a variety of subjects into entertaining, easy to digest information.


After graduating from the University of Waterloo, Bob Skura taught and played professional golf for five years. Later he had a successful business in the dental industry.


In his speaking engagements Bob tackles an age-old problem. Understanding that only about 5% of people ever act on ideas they know are to their benefit he shows people how to create personalized slippery slopes of success. Once started it’s hard for those people to claw themselves back to failure.


Bob’s hobbies include juggling, curling, golf and volunteer work. He considers himself an expert in the area of diet and exercise because not only has he stolen world class ideas from others, he has found ways to put them into practice.


A personal achievement he attributes to his slippery slope technique is that in 2019 he shot his age on a regulation length golf course with a score of 68. Now he’d like to help you reach one or more of your goals.


Bob has been a resident of Kitchener, Ontario, for most of his life and has been married to his wife, Sharon for 40 years.