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Natalie Verschueren Mar 22, 2018
Waterloo Region Program Manager - Focus on Nature

I am a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo, where I studied Recreation and Human Resources. I started with Focus on Nature in the spring of 2017 to lead our first expansion into the Waterloo Region. I love spending time outdoors, and working with children to nurture their connections to nature and their creativity through photography.

James Craig Mar 29, 2018
The Effects of the LRT to Waterloo Region
Megan Davidson Apr 05, 2018
New Member "Who Am I" Talk

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Ken Bell Apr 12, 2018
Kayaking on Northern Baffin Island

 - have been an educator for 45 years, worked in about 7 different school boards and three provinces and territories.

- retired Director of Education, former faculty member of Nunavut Arctic College and the University of Regina.

- worked in Northern Canada for 3 years full time and 4 years on contract.

- currently spend my time organizing bilking and hiking groups, community activities including Board of Lissard-Innisfree Hospice and Chair of Board of Trustees for KidsAbility School Authority.

- resident of Cambridge since 1975

Nicole Pereira Apr 19, 2018
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Alvin Salfarlie Apr 26, 2018
Security Coordinator at Pearson International Airport

Will speak on the responsibility of keeping passengers, employees and aircraft safe at Toronto Pearson Airport

A graduate of the Royal Grenada Police Academy with specialized military training from JFK Special Warfare School and Training Centre, Fort Bragg, NC and service with the Royal Canadian Armey Forces as a reservist.

Currently is a Security Coordinator with the Greater Toronto Airports. In this role I oversee the daily activities related to security of passenger, employees and aircraft movements as the Security Official and Subject Matter Expert for Toronto Pearson.

Responsibilities includes but not limited to:

 Explosive Detection – oversee detection, investigation and disposal of explosive materials

Airport Seurity Over sight -  coordinate the detection, prevention, response to, and recovery plans associated with acts of unlawful interference to civil aviation.

Liaises with Police, Transport Canada, and other security partners in events associated with security events.

Mark Nykamp May 03, 2018
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Paul Osborne May 10, 2018
The Economic Impact of Conestoga College

Paul is the Associate Vice-President of Marketing and Community Relations at Conestoga College. He has been at the College in various roles for almost 18 years overseeing areas like Athletics, Corporate Communications and was the Registrar. A native of Guelph, he has fun as the in-house voice of the Guelph Storm and a weekly columnist for the Guelph Mercury Tribune.

His first career was in broadcasting where he had the pleasure of working here in Cambridge. His job in the mid-90s was to flip AM96 radio to FM to what has now become Dave FM.

Paul has three children and a Master’s degree in Education.”


Club Golf Tournament at GCC May 14, 2018
Dean Barreca May 17, 2018
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Rosalyn May 24, 2018
The Coping Centre

This could be an off-site meeting

SuperHero Fun Run at the Hespeler Arena May 27, 2018