The Information Technology Director leads the IT Committee responsible to oversee our online presence.  Most Rotary clubs treat their online presence as little more than a brochure.  In our club we want to use online tools and practices to operate more like a modern business.  The IT committee ensures that our online presence effectively support club fundraising, member recruitment, and internal information sharing.
We have two active websites:
The IT Committee makes use of these online tools and systems:
We retain outside contractors to manage our social media presence, integrate the systems to work together, and development our marketing site as needed.
This committee attracts members interested in using technology to make the club as efficient and relevant as we can be.  There are opportunities to learn skills directly applicable to activities outside the club, including small business.
The online systems operate through the year, so there is a level of continuous background activity.  IT committee members tend to become busier when it’s time to organize fundraisers.  Our biggest role is helping fundraising committees understand what we have and use it in their marketing and campaign execution.