Aug 09, 2022
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi
Dane County

County Executive Joe Parisi would like to visit your Rotary to give an update on the work Dane County is doing to clean up our lakes and implement our Climate Action Plan. Dane County continues to add to our solar portfolio and work with farmers in converting harmful greenhouse gases at our renewable natural gas plant at the landfill to natural vehicle fuel. In addition, the county continues to implement our innovative Suck the Muck initiative to clean the lakes in addition to dredging the Yahara River to remove sediment and allow the river to flow more freely. Joe would like the opportunity to come visit and discuss the county’s work on renewable energy and our lakes clean-up efforts for about 30 minutes, with time for questions. I am willing to work to find a date and time that works for both sides to schedule a visit from the County Executive. Thank you for your attention to our request. Scott Adrian Dane County Executive’s Office (608) 266-2444