Wiley’s Wardrobe is a free resource located in the River Falls High School counseling office that offers clothing, school supplies, personal care products, and snacks to RFHS students in need.  It is available to any RFHS student with no questions asked.  Wiley’s Wardrobe’s mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment offering clothing (including RFHS Wildcat “spirit-wear”), shoes, snacks, school supplies, personal care items and funds to RFHS students in need.
Olivia Redmond created Wiley’s wardrobe in November 2021 after working alongside the school social worker as she explored options in the social work field as a potential career.  Olivia found that working with Mrs. Graham opened her eyes to see the need for basic resources within her own school.  Earlier this year, Olivia presented the Wiley's Wardrobe story at a meeting of the River Falls School Board.
Students have access from 7:20 to 3:00 each school day. Future plans include a laundry service for students without routine access to cleaning their clothes (There have been students who have lived in their cars).
Wiley’s Wardrobe is in the counselor’s office, which provides an opportunity for the counselor to chat with students to determine additional needs. 
Wiley’s Wardrobe will be open 2 days a month over the summer.
Go to their website to learn about their need for specific donation items. https://wileyswardrobe.webador.com/
Wiley’s Wardrobe has received 2 grants from Walmart, and they are developing a way for people to contribute online.  River Falls High School also has the Sunshine Fund, which addresses needs for students and their families.  One example noted was purchase of a  bed for a student in need.
About the Speaker:  Olivia Redmond graduated from RFHS earlier this month.  Her fall plans include going to Loyola University in Chicago to study social work and entrepreneurship. Wiley’s Wardrobe will continue with the new group of students who were recruited and trained in this past year. Her fellow presenter, Avery Amidon, will be a senior in high school next year.
Wiley’s Wardrobe’s email is wileyswardrobe@rfsd.k12.rf.wi.us