Anna Pond, exchange sister of Olivia Miller and her family through Rotary's Short Term Exchange (STEP) program, shared her summer experience and a little about her homeland.  Dr. Greg and Molly Miller had Anna join the family during a tour of the the entire east coast, from Florida to Massachusetts. Anna met up with the Millers on their East Coast trip, and traveled with them to Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte,  Louisville and Chattanooga. She noted as memorable a hike in the Smoky Mountains and the DC and New York City areas, as well as seeing the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania.

Anna hails from Arnhem, a city situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands and capital of the province of Gelderland.  Anna was sponsored by District #1560, and found out about the STEP program through a friend of the family.

She shared photos of her trip, as well as her life and family back home.

She bikes to school, rain or shine, and said that in fact, biking is a more common transportation than auto in her world. She remarked that one of her friends bikes over an hour to school each day. Anna will attend one more year of high school, then go on to college.

Anna likes to ski, travel, sail, and travel to learn about other countries and cultures. She loves to visit large cities to shop and admire the architecture. She likes to hang out with her friends at She speaks Dutch, German and English. Because of school year scheduling conflicts, Olivia Miller will delay her part of the exchange to next summer, when she will stay with Anna's family.

Thank you for visiting us, Anna!
STEP allows students to have an out of country experience for shorter periods than a whole school year. If you or someone you know is interested in Rotary's STEP, please contact Elaine.