Haitian Relief Services Work in Haiti – UWRF Professor Emeritus Curtis Larson reviewed the incredible challenges facing Haitian Relief Services (Haitianrelief.org).
He discussed the history of HRS work in the community of Ganthier, a community of about 70,000 residents within 50 miles of the capital of Port-au-Prince.
Despite the challenges, HRS has completed two projects in last 2 years: an orphanage and a health center. The security situation is such that even locals can’t travel to projects without significant risk. HRS has existed since 2002, and has a Rotary connection with (now honorary) River Falls Rotary member Pat O’Malley.
The country of Haiti is small: it’s 1/6 size of WI. Facts of life in Haiti are dire. Bad water is a common cause of death. Curt told us that when 5 from Ezekiel Lutheran went to Haiti for the first time, the overwhelming emotion upon return was an appreciation for the blessings and advantages of where we live.
Some history of HRS: 25 houses were constructed in about 2004, the school 2010, a water cistern to provide potable water, the orphanage and health center. The school has 650 students, 34 staff. Non-profit here supports 19 of the staff, sending $2500 per month to support 19 teachers. HRS has partnered with Feed My Starving Children to provide food. Total financial support to Haiti since 2002 is about $766,000.