Incoming River Falls Rotary Club President, Chris Blasius, presented an update to the membership on the club's goals for the 2019-2020 year and reviewed some of the long-term goals from the 2018 Rotary Visioning session.  The Board is looking forward to your input on these goals.
Chris reminded club members of the statement of purpose that rose from the visioning session last year:
By June 2023, the River Falls Rotary Club will be a leader in youth engagement and be recognized as a a premiere community service organization.
This five-year vision takes into account the district challenge to clubs and inspires us to take our good work even further by achieving measurable goals, including:
  • Increasing our membership to 70-79 members.
  • Increasing the engagement of our membership between foundation giving and community involvement in programs we already spearhead.
  • Complete the largest project in our club history.
"I'm looking for feedback as a team of rotarians in reaching and going beyond our goals," said Chris.
She encouraged members to bring guests to club meetings, social service projects and other events. Beyond growing our membership, we want to share the fun of doing good things in the community.
Some challenges we face include finding a large project to implement for our "largest project" goal. Suggestions arose about contacting other clubs to get ideas and reach out to service organizations we partner with in the community.
If you have ideas for a large project or how we can meet our other goals, let Chris know.
Other opportunities to share your time and talent include the following tasks:
  • Seargent at arms.
  • Program presenter planner
  • Attendance
  • Set up and take down schedule
  • Annual dinner planner
  • New member mentor
  • Foundation co-chair
and so much more! Consider your area of expertise and let us know what you can do to help!
Watch Club Runner for more information on specific goals.