Last week, we received a  fantastic presentation from Charles Goldstein,, J.D., CCSP, SPHR from My Career Coach MN, LLC.  Charles presented:
“Raising the Curtain for Your Second Act!”


The theme of the speech is how disillusioned workers can reevaluate their career paths and successfully seek a position more akin to their ‘calling.' After recognizing challenges in the current workforce, he provides many examples of famous individuals who have made this jump later in their lives, despite the obstacles involved. Their stories are inspiring and insightful.
He also offered up practical suggestions for pursuing vocational dreams later in life for the Generation X and Baby Boomer population. 

A number of dynamics can both impede and promote these efforts. Obstacles faced by those in the 40-year-old plus group sometimes seem insurmountable. These include, but are not limited to, familiarity with current computer programs, as well as protocol and hiring mechanisms that were nonexistent even 10 years ago.