She's a financial advisor, gymnastics coach and Rotary volunteer. Becoming fluent in Spanish is one thing that Kendra Morgan hasn't accomplished -- yet. In her introductory talk, she gave us a sense of who she is and how she got here. From athlete, to international student, to financial advisor, Kendra has a variety of experiences and talents she brings to our club. Welcome, Kendra!
Kendra Morgan introduced herself and shared a little information about herself and her life so far.
Kendra hails from a musical family - her grandfather started the Morgan Music store in Eau Claire in 1957. Her uncle, father and soon her cousin will keep that business in the family.
Kendra described herself as the one non-musically inclined member of her family, which consists of four brothers and two sisters, her mom and dad. In fact, her parents met at UW-EauClaire, playing music.
Instead, Kendra majored in communications and Spanish at St. Cloud State University and was a three sport athlete. She practiced gymnastics from the age of 3-18,  and currently is setting up to coach at the River Falls Gymnastics Club.
In high school and college, she added diving and pole vaulting to her athletic repertoire, noting that this "trifecta" is common for gymnastics athletes, as the latter two sports are considerably easier on the body.
Kendra credits her love of travel with "growing up hanging around with exchange students," and has spent time in Costa Rica, Machu Pichu, Peru, Nicaragua and Panama, including spending a quarter abroad in Costa Rica studying. She visited a province each weekend and enjoyed the natural setting.
"If you like nature, everything is there: mountains, waterfalls, jungles, a lot of biodiversity, including exotic animals and monkeys that try to get in your backpack and take belongings."
She also became desensitized to how ubiquitous the iguanas are there, and likened them to squirrels. "You get used to seeing them though it's somewhat creepy at first," she said. She hopes to visit more Spanish countries.
Once she had her degree in hand, it was time to find a job. Working as an Edward Jones advisor gives Kendra a chance to help people, and she specializes in retirement savings and income strategies, college savings, estate and legacy strategies and charitable giving, along with insurance and annuities.
She is currently sharing office space near the River Falls McDonalds, and hopes to have her own building next year.
Kendra comes from a family of Rotarians, quipping that in her family, "once you are old enough, it's expected that you'll join the Rotary."
She finds her passion on the youth exchange side of the organization, and loves to meet new people. She shared one dream of wintering in Costa Rica and possibly opening a hostel there. She joked that she could then improve her Spanish.